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BSM 9.13 upgrade fail


BSM 9.13 upgrade fail



I am upgrading my BAC server 8.07 to BSM 9.13, all go well until the historic data upgrade. I hit the first one on the list, BPI, and run it, then the current partition number going down all the way until 1, and then the failures starting going up from 0 to 1 and keep going and never end (I have let it running overnight). If I select another one, the result is the same, eventually all the current partition number down to 1 and the status is always running. Could you help please.




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Re: BSM 9.13 upgrade fail

First I just wanna review the steps you should follow for upgrade:
- Upgrade from 8.x to 9.x
- upgrade from 9.x to 9.10
- Upgrade from 9.10 to 9.13

using the upgrade wizard


also what is the BSM DB version?


Thank you

Haytham Hosny