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BSM 9.21 SNMPv3


BSM 9.21 SNMPv3

Hello all


Does BSM 9.21 support sending SNMPv3 alerts. I checked on Release notes, What's New, Deployment and all other manuals and it doesn't mention it.


Thank you




Re: BSM 9.21 SNMPv3

To my knowledge, BSM does not accept any SNMP alerts directly.  Those have to be handled by an SNMP app like HP NNMi or the HP Integration Adapter.  NNMi can query and trap snmp v3.  The integration adapter does not query, but can handle any trap.

HPE Expert

Re: BSM 9.21 SNMPv3

No, Integration Adapter cannot handle SNMP v3 traps. The limitation is related to the built-in OM Agent capabilities as it's OM Agent that handles SNMP traps.


Re: BSM 9.21 SNMPv3



Thank you for replying, i also found:


Regarding the Platform Administration guide for BSM 9.21:

“BSM uses SNMP version 1.0” and still does not support SNMP version 3.


There is already opened ER for supporting SNMP v3 but it is currently in deferred status. This means that at this stage it is not included as supported in either of BSM versions but will be reviewed for including it for the future releases.


Your information was valuable.