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JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

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JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

Hello expert,


How do I intrument tomcat to automatically start Java Probe in redhat? In debian I've attached the parameter into the /etc/init.d/tomcat script and it work fine but it doesnt seem to work in red hat.


export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_30/bin
export JAVA_PATH=$JAVA_PATH:/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_30/bin
export JRE_PATH=$JRE_PATH:/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_30/bin
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Xbootclasspath/p:/usr/local/JavaAgent/DiagnosticsAgent/classes/boot/instr.jre"
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/usr/local/JavaAgent/DiagnosticsAgent/lib/probeagent.jar"


Tomcat start fine but it doesnt autostart the Javaprobe. Any advice is greatly appreciate


Dunno if it make any different when tomcat run i get the following

Using CATALINA_BASE:   /opt/tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME:   /opt/tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /opt/tomcat/temp
Using JRE_HOME:        /usr
Using CLASSPATH:       /opt/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar


my first reaction is the JRE_HOME is not set....does that make a different?

Also when i run ./ -a /usr/java

Sun 1.6.0_30 (/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_30/jre)
Sun 1.6.0_30 (/usr/java/default/jre)
Sun 1.6.0_30 (/usr/java/latest/jre)


how do i know which one to use? I tested the top 2 and it didnt seem to work


Thank you


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Re: JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

I've also try passing the instrumentaion as:

JAVA_OPTS="-Xbootclasspath/p:/usr/local/JavaAgent/DiagnosticsAgent/classes/Sun/1.6.0_30/instr.jre -javaagent:/usr/local/JavaAgent/DiagnosticsAgent/lib/probeagent.jar"




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Re: JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

any idea anyone?

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Re: JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

Problem solved...Close thread thank

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Re: JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

It will be really helpful if you put the solution also.





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Re: JAVA agent REdhat Tomcat

Here are the step I've too:

First I had to set JAVA_HOME and PATH in /etc/profile

Second the way I declare the JAVA_OPTS was wrong (correct way is JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent"

Third I notice that the jreinstrumenter result for xbootclass return the following


The above path fail when i execute it which is why my script been failing to start the javaagent, I've change it to

"-Xbootclasspath/p:/usr/local/JavaAgent/DiagnosticsAgent/classes/boot"  and that work fine