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Preferred Database for BSM 9.20 Implementation


Preferred Database for BSM 9.20 Implementation

A somewhat hypothetical question, and one I used to be sure I knew the answer too, excepting recent developments from Microsoft concerning SQL server. Here goes...


If you were implementing a new BSM 9.20 environment what database would you use? Assume you have APM with EUM data from RUM and BPM, SiteScope, and NNMi for infrastructure data collection; and a future need for Diagnostics, OO integration, and uCMDB integration as well.


There will be 12,000 - 15,000 managed nodes (network + server) and 200 business applications. Current baseline with 1 year of data shows about 500Gb of space used and you can expect that to double or triple potentially as applications and nodes are added. There will be 80 - 100 concurrent users at peak capacity running reports, monitoring dashboards, etc...


Please tell me if you would use Oracle 11g Enterprise (RAC is available) or SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, and the reason(s) why. 

HPE Expert

Re: Preferred Database for BSM 9.20 Implementation

both are supported and recommended.

i suggest you go with the DB you feel more comfortable.


Re: Preferred Database for BSM 9.20 Implementation

Thanks Asaf. I am somewhat more comfortable with Oracle, however cost differences abound as you are probably aware. I've used both in the past, but have less experience with the newer versions of MS SQL to be able to authoritatively say if there are still significant performance and tuning flexibility advantages to Oracle given any improvements MS may have introduced. Any ideas or recommendations are welcome.