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Profile DB Migration issue BSM9.20.191

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Profile DB Migration issue BSM9.20.191

good day everyone.

i have some questions related to profile DB migration of MS SQL 2008R2 Server.

admins migrated MS SQL DB to another server succssesfuly, but credentials for that DB been changed. 

DB Reconnection tools complete succssesful.

as admins just make full copy of DB , 2 old profile DB appear on new server. then admins make another 2 entries in BSM Admin Profile DB Management ,pointing to new server DB.

no one do nothing with SESSION TABLE on new BD.

now we cant delete old profile DBs without wornings, nor start BSM when OLD SQL Server down.

also i cant edit SESION TABLE because i do not know hash of new password.

can anybody help me to fix this problem and move ALL Profile data to new Server? 

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Re: Profile DB Migration issue BSM9.20.191


Did you follow this procedure before you started ?

BSM 9.x - how to move the database / change the database server without impacting the current configurations/customizations.

Document ID:
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Re: Profile DB Migration issue BSM9.20.191

thank you for advice.

migration have ben performed without me, but i belive that step 3 Update the SESSIONS table in the management database to reflect the new database server

never been completed because  of password change for new DB.

can you futher advice how can i update SESION tabe content if Profile DB been moved to another server but login  or\and password been changed to access to new DB?

HPE Expert

Re: Profile DB Migration issue BSM9.20.191



It seems you have to clean up the mess now.



Manipulating such an important table via the forum now is too risky. You will need help from R&D via a support case here.


You will need to explain clearly what has been done, what is missing and what needs to be done/ is expected.


good luck,