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Service Health - Problematic Subtree - number of expand levels

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Service Health - Problematic Subtree - number of expand levels

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Hello forum


We are testing around with the different possible views in service health using BSM 9.12.

The report "show problematic subtreee" is almost that what we want.


I have tried to use this problematic subtree in a component like "Top View" but I didn't manage to connect a dynamic selection box for the view.

However I end up now to use a fix root view i.e. "Om Ci Collection". That works pretty fine.


Now my problem is the expand level is set by default to 4, so I don't see all the children.

I can change this setting in "Infrastructure Settings" to another number but this will also affect the top view itself.


Is it possible to control the number of expand levels using a URL parameter?

Or might does someone see a better possibility to address this issue?


Many thanks in advance for your responses!