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SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error

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SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error

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Have  problems with SOME of metrics in SiteScope 11.21. Turned on option 'Report metrics to OM Operations Agent'.


Have an error in data_integration.log:


[Apache performance on host(200752798/1) ] ( DEBUG - Created Operation Agent data sample:
[Apache performance on host(200752798/1) ] ( DEBUG - Handled dataSample
[Apache performance on host(200752798/1) ] ( DEBUG - getAllCategoriesInHierarchy done in 0 millis
[Apache performance on host(200752798/1) ] ( DEBUG - Monitor Apache performance on host has no categories assigned. Samples will not be stored and sent.

And that what I see in PA:


# ovcodautil -dumpds AGENTLESS | findstr APACHE
12/20/12 16:40:09|APACHE_REQPERSEC              |       N/A|
12/20/12 16:40:09|APACHE_IDLEWORKERS            |       N/A|
12/20/12 16:40:09|APACHE_STATUS                 |    200,00|


Status metric is reporting, but others are not. What can you  suggest to fix this?


What is categories for monitors???

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Re: SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error



what kind of monitor is not reporting events?



David Molina
HP Support

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Re: SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error

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David, at lease Apache Server Monitor.

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Re: SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error

do any other monitors besides apache server have the same issue? could you check some simple monitors (like CPU) are sending all the metrics to PMi?
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Re: SiteScope - storing metrics in OM error

Yes, other monitors on this server put their data in CODA, for example memory utilization.


I think the problem is related (AGAIN!) to OS decimal point separator symbol in regional settings. Because I see only round numbers in ovcodautil -showds AGENTLESS output:


01/25/13 12:16:57|CMDB_HINT                     |SiteScope:2:200762|
01/25/13 12:16:57|GBL_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL            |       N/A|
01/25/13 12:16:57|GBL_MEM_UTIL                  |     40,00|
01/25/13 12:17:28|CMDB_HINT                     |SiteScope:2:200563|
01/25/13 12:17:28|GBL_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL            |      0,00|
01/25/13 12:17:28|GBL_MEM_UTIL                  |       N/A|
01/25/13 12:13:20|CMDB_HINT                     |SiteScope:2:200270|
01/25/13 12:13:20|GBL_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL            |       N/A|
01/25/13 12:13:20|GBL_MEM_UTIL                  |     44,00|
01/25/13 12:13:51|CMDB_HINT                     |SiteScope:2:200271|
01/25/13 12:13:51|GBL_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL            |     20,00|
01/25/13 12:13:51|GBL_MEM_UTIL                  |       N/A|
01/25/13 12:18:30|CMDB_HINT                     |SiteScope:2:200436|
01/25/13 12:18:30|GBL_CPU_TOTAL_UTIL            |     10,00|
01/25/13 12:18:30|GBL_MEM_UTIL                  |       N/A|


I have comma as decimal separator in Regional Settings.


Strange, I can't view AGENTLESS ds data using extract.exe utility or Performance Manager... Anybody knows how to view historical data in AGENTLESS datasource without PMi?