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Sitescope Error 1203

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Sitescope Error 1203

Hi everybody.

I've installed Sitescope 10. I'm monitoring Windows servers and Unix Servers.

Recently, I'm facing a connection problem with a server: When I test the connection appears the following windows message:
"SiteScope was unable to connect to the remote server. Reason: unknown error(1203)", but if I execute the perfex command, it works fine.

Anybody has any idea with this issue.

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Re: Sitescope Error 1203

Hi Diana

What do you mean when you execute the perfex command it works fine? where are you executing the perfex command from?

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Re: Sitescope Error 1203

Hi Experts,


I am also facing the same issue on sitescope 11.11 while connecting to windows servver.


Please help.



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Re: Sitescope Error 1203



Looking at the error Code , it looks like you are using NETBIOS Method , check the following


 Is the account a local account or a domain account ?

1)ensure the monitoring account is added in performance monitor group

2)check if you are able to telnet from sitescope server to target server on port 139

3) from the SiteScope server RDP to the Target Server using the monitoring account

4)are able to login try to add perfmon counters objects  using the monitoring account ?




Bilal Aman






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Re: Sitescope Error 1203

The error code 1203 represents:


" No network provider accepted the given network path" which relates to network issue.


Kindly check whether you are able to access the remoteserber from the Sitescope server.