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Sitescope GUI loading issue

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Sitescope GUI loading issue

Hello all,


We are having Intermittent Sitescope GUI loading issue for users. After logging in the screen just stops saying 'Please wait' and it fails to load the server and all. Users can see see the top screen as well as their user id displayed , but the main screen doesnt load. We have tried clearing the cache and setting Jave to direct connection. Still the issue is pertaining. Please help.




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Re: Sitescope GUI loading issue

Which version are u using of sis and java? Plz use java 1.6 for better performance.
Mark as solution , if works for you.
Sumit Kumar
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Re: Sitescope GUI loading issue

Seems to be java version issue.

as per my experience, Sitescope UI works best on 6u27.

please check the java version on the system.

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Re: Sitescope GUI loading issue

try restarting SiteScope service.
try increasing java heap space, as this could be one issue.