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jk.2012-06-19-23 log error

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jk.2012-06-19-23 log error

Does anyone know what component write to this log?


For some reason we are starting to see error within this log for the past day.  I've attached the log files. BSM is starting and running, i dont see any error in any of the _boot log.


Please take a look and help me diagnose the error.


Thank you,



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Re: jk.2012-06-19-23 log error

Can you check is port 1098 available? If this port is occupied, you may get this error. Any agent installed on this server might be using this port.



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Re: jk.2012-06-19-23 log error

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Yes that port is being use by MercuryAS


This error is only on the gateway server. On the DPS MercuryAS is also using that port but there is no jk error log

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Re: jk.2012-06-19-23 log error

JK log is the jk connector between IIS and tomcat. You can ignore the error in most of the time.