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HP Autobackup PC100 configure

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HP Autobackup PC100 configure

HP Autobackup PC100
PN: C7446A
ON Autobackup failured Primary HDD,crashed OS and it Doesn´t run. 1st NTFS partition-POSSP- Error:NT couldn´t start following file is missing:\winnt\system32\config\SystemHardwareProfile\Last Known Good Menu. 2nd NTFS part.-EOSPP- when go boot- freeze.
After failure HDD,was both HD drives replaced. Than system was autorebuild 100% and STOP with orange LEDs :Capacity License Violation.(Maybe 1 of disks failed ?).I cloned new Primary drive to good one of 2 old drives and replace secondary drive.Then System rebuild again and finish with message: "Setting lost,Reinstall system. In Manual-Administr.Guide- is stated: The error will be removed when the unit is rebooted during configuration of the IP address phase... So, now I can´t Access with admin web-based console to Run instal agent on some Backup PC and configure Appliance. I type IP adress from this manual: or , or . (From PC peer to peer w. cross cable and from any PC in our company LAN, too).LEDs in all LAN cards lights normally-activity. . Is some better IP adress or command for connect with autobackup via web-based console? Or Rebuilded sw in Autobackup maybe failed again? Exist some software,which can reinstall the whole Autobackup PC100? What can I do ,now? Many Thank
Dave Kaltenbach
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Re: HP Autobackup PC100 configure

Hi Silvar,

I have the same problem. After the dammage of the harddisc I search for solution to reinstall the whole AutoBackup PC100.

Have you found a solution?

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Re: HP Autobackup PC100 configure


[broken link removed 18/04/17 by mod]



Zo, dat was dan dat.