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SANWorks Storage Management Appliance II

Occasional Contributor

SANWorks Storage Management Appliance II

Does anyone know where to get the ISOs and/or drivers to set this thing up from scratch?  I have one that has a faulty OS, and I need to rebuild it. 


If not, does nyone have any thoughts or know a bit about the server itself?  Like if I could get a quick-start CD from another server (DL380/DL385?) to get it up and running and installed correctly.


I can get to the OS, but it will reboot at least once a day and hang during the progress bar for 2003, so if there's information I need to extract to narrow anything down I can do so.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: SANWorks Storage Management Appliance II

Hi, if I remember correctly this server was to manage an EVA?

One way around this would be to install Command View on another (working) server.

There might be some obstacles ahead of you to fix that though (upgrade VCS/XCS and CV, get licenses, etc).


This server would be a what, G1/G2? You could attempt to boot smartstart CD on it, but I don't know enough about the server and software installed on it that would be needed for a complete reinstall.


But perhaps you could try to boot on a really old smartstart CD or a memtest86 CD to see if it's a hardware issue?

Are you positive that the problem is a "faulty OS"?

Honored Contributor

Re: SANWorks Storage Management Appliance II


your server is a 380 G2 you can install from smartstart windows 2003 (you can also istall windows 2003 direct and run smartstart at the end)  your problem is to install Command View if you have the kit your OK if not you can download a new version from HP.

What EVA do you have ?

what frimwareversion is your EVA running ?

Do you know the command View version you used ?

also like Johan said you can use any windows server that is connected to the EVA ( hase fabric) to manage the EVA you just nned to install command view.