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Windows 2003 does not recognize ARRAY in MA8000

Maximiliano Faria Seixa
Occasional Contributor

Windows 2003 does not recognize ARRAY in MA8000

I had to reinstall a server that had Windows 2000 and connected to a MA8000.

Tasks done:
- Install Windows 2003
- Windows automatically detect the disks in MA8000 (that was great).
- Installed ACS88WinKit
- Installed Secure Path.

Now I had to install 5 new disks:
- Disks Installed
- New Array created (raid 5)
- Hosts associated

But this Array is not detected in Windows 2003. The old arrays are working fine.

The firmware version is 8.6F. Should I upgrade? I saw that there are many versions and I must upgrade step by step... Where should I start? Which firmware should I use?

Thanks for your help.