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10 reasons HP RDX is perfect for data backup in imperfect environments


By Paula Dallabetta, HP RDX product manager 

In today’s world, information and data are gathered anywhere and everywhere, often in environments that are not ideally suited to the entry-level backup devices that dominate the industry today. Drops and accidents happen. Critical business data can be lost.

The big question is: how can you protect critical business data in imperfect environments?

Often concerned about their own business data backup needs, friends and family who learn that I am responsible for the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System often have more questions:

  • What does rugged really mean?
  • How is HP RDX better than my USB drive?
  • How hard is it to use?
  • Does it cost a lot?
  • What about the cloud?
  • What if the Internet goes down?

RDX2J.jpgHP RDX protects your business data in imperfect environments.

Unless you work in a data center, the environment in which you protect your business data is likely imperfect. This can be anything from outdoor, over-the-road work or operating a business in Tornado Alley. Less obvious imperfect environments are the many remote offices that must gather and maintain data and often ship it back to headquarters. These include environments such as retail or hotel chains, military or government agencies. 

Here are 10 reasons why HP RDX is perfect for your imperfect business backup environment. 

  1. RDX+ requires no separate power source as it is USB power capable, which means it can be used anywhere in the field.
  2. With 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB capacities, there is one for every size of server or workstation, with desktop and server/rack options.
  3. RDX+ has a lower cost of ownership than DAT over the life of the device. RDX+ cartridges cost more upfront than DAT tapes but you will not need to keep replacing them, which makes RDX+ cheaper overall.
  4. RDX+ backs up data at hard drive speeds and restores critical files in seconds via USB 3.0. A 2 TB restore takes approximately five and a half hours* to complete with RDX+, but can take weeks via a cloud provider, even with the fastest broadband connection.
  5. RDX+ just works. You can just drag and drop files via Windows or Mac OS X Finder. RDX+ includes Windows Fixed Disk Mode for easy software-free backup if desired.
  6. RDX+ eliminates all the guesswork of backup. Cartridges cannot be removed while backups are running or scheduled. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training. HP RDX+ also now offers software-based encryption for greater data protection via Yosemite Server BackupBasic that comes with your purchase.
  7. RDX+ is very durable. With a usage life of 5,000 load/unload insertions (compared to 50 for DAT tapes) and a 10-year archival life, you can safely move data off-site for disaster recovery, archive, or data transfer.
  8. Unlike DAT or standard USB drives (even so-called “rugged” ones), the enhanced design of RDX+ makes it dust and static proof. It has a sealed interface so dust and debris can’t get in. Plus, there is no media or drive wear during operation.
  9. RDX+ has internal buffers to protect against harsh treatment. In independent tests, it had a 97% drop test survival rate compared to 0% for ordinary USB drives. HP even tied it to a dragster and ran it up a raceway at 170 mph over a quarter of a mile. It still worked flawlessly!
  10. RDX+ protects your investment with complete backwards and forwards compatibility. So today’shardware will work seamlessly with tomorrow’s higher capacity cartridges.




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