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2 New Playbooks Help You Modernize Backup and Recovery



If better backup and recovery processes are on your data center to-do list, check out these two free resources that you can download to help you get started.

How important is your data? How long can you afford for any of it to be unavailable? How much of it do you need to keep?

2Playbooks BLOG.jpgAll simple questions with complex answers that every organization and every IT leader grapple with on a daily basis. We establish recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO), and then spend lots of time and effort and money trying to guarantee that when our data is needed, it will be there ready to go.

When IT leaders are asked about their priorities, improving data backup and recovery is always at or near the top of the list. That’s not a surprise. Many enterprises spend more on managing and storing copies of data than on storing live production data. With the exponential growth of data in the enterprise, this imbalance is unsustainable.

Enterprise backup and recovery made simpler

Improving efficiency and reducing the cost of data backup and recovery are easier said than done. In most data centers, storage silos have grown up around applications based on the need to meet specific business objectives. The end result is often a patchwork of Tier-1 storage devices and multiple discrete backup systems based on disparate architectures with little if any integration, and a level of complexity that creates operational inefficiencies and costs for your business.

It shouldn’t be that hard. An enterprise backup/recovery solution should:

  • Provide full protection at enterprise scale
  • Break down the barriers between storage silos
  • Improve efficiency by providing a single point of integration and control
  • Allow seamless integration of new storage today while providing investment protection for the future

Unfortunately, most existing enterprise backup solutions fall well short of these simple objectives.

Our free Data Protection Playbook for Converged Storage provides a simple and straight-forward approach for storage managers and buyers looking for a more efficient and cost effective solution to adequately protect their company’s data.

Data protection for flash storage

We’re rapidly approaching the day when the all-flash datacenter we’ve been talking about the past few years will become a reality. Soon most, if not all, of your mission-critical active data will reside on flash. And that raises a question: Will existing data protection schemes withstand the demands of an all-flash primary storage environment?

Flash is all about enhanced SLAs. The expectation of performance shouldn’t stop with your apps. Your flash solution should accelerate your backups and restores too, and it should minimize the impact of backups on your applications. Anything less and you’ll fail to realize the full benefits of flash.

The Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage provides the 4 key considerations that will help storage professionals find solutions to extend the benefits of flash performance to critical backup and recovery processes.

Want to learn more?

Find more information on building an efficient data protection strategy here.

Get tips on data protection for all-flash and converged storage with these infographics:
Infographic: Data Protection Playbook for Converged Storage
Infographic: Data Protection Playbook for All-Flash Storage



Simon_W.jpegMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Simon Watkins,WW Product Marketing Manager for Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA), HPE Storage.


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