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2 Ways to Solve the Data Protection Puzzle


Do you really know how secure your data is? Are you sure? Let HPE help you to determine a data protection strategy with our NinjaProtected Backup Assessment and HPE Get Protected Guarantee (GPG) Program.

NinjaProtected BLOG.jpgHave you ever really considered how efficient your backup environment is for your business? Maybe it is not a top priority for your company right now, but shouldn’t it be? More than half the customers that HPE has assessed had backups that took more than 96 hours to complete. That’s more than four days!

Furthermore, almost 37% of all backup jobs that HPE assessed have success rates of 95% or less. This means that more than 5% of backup jobs fail at some point. What’s more, only 39% of backup jobs have a better than 98% success rate. These numbers are quite surprising and beg the question – shouldn’t you be rethinking your approach to data protection?1

Let HPE help you determine a data protection strategy that best fits your current data protection environment. Start the process by taking advantage our free HPE NinjaProtected Backup Assessment and the HPE Get Protected Guarantee Program. 

Free HPE NinjaProtected Backup Assessment

This free assessment is a non-invasive script that captures information about your backup environment and turns those details into a customer specific report just for you. This report highlights key performance indicators (KPIs) of how your backup jobs are performing. The script takes about 15 minutes to run in your environment and only collects metadata. No other details or confidential information is accessed through this script. The following is a list of details that the NinjaProtected backup assessment provides:

  • Backup window
  • Backup job success and failure rates
  • Top 15 backup jobs by runtime
  • Restore operations statistics
  • Data retention time frames
  • Total capacity used
  • Opportunities for cost reduction
  • Plus Recovery Manager Central benefits analysis

Register for the FREE HPE NinjaProtected Backup Assessment here.

HPE Get Protected Guarantee Program

The HPE Get Protected Guarantee program sets us apart when it comes to data protection by reducing the capacity requirements by 95% with any HPE StoreOnce System…Guaranteed!2

Here’s a quick overview of program details:

  • Program applies to any new HPE StoreOnce data protection storage systems including HPE StoreOnce VSA.
  • Data types include files servers, Microsoft® Exchange, and virtual machines (using agentless backup methods).
  • Audio and video files cannot exceed 10% of the total data within a backup.
  • Opportunities for cost reduction are included too.

Check out this ChalkTalk for even more details on the Get Protected Guarantee.

We’re here to protect your data

HPE is making data protection easier so you can focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business.  Data protection can make or break an organization, and HPE will help ensure that failure is not an option for you. 

Find out more

HPE StoreOnce NinjaProtected Backup Assessment and Get Protected Guarantee Program Brochure 

1 Based on internal HPE analysis of customer data as of May 2016.
2  Based on HPE internal testing. Refer to the Get Protected Guarantee Program Terms and Conditions for details.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ryan Harris, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA). Connect with Ryan on Twitter: @TheRyanHarris1

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