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3PAR makes dinosaurs extinct


Matt_Morrissey.jpegBy Matthew Morrissey, 3PAR Product Marketing Manager, HP Storage


Last week, I covered how ITaaS and Cloud environments change the game for storage—and why traditional Tier-1 architectures look increasingly like dinosaurs because they have failed to adapt to a changing reality. As a quick refresher, we believe all the following requirements are now needed to be considered modern Tier-1 Storage:


  • Resiliency and massive consolidation
  • Ability to manage unpredictable growth
  • Secure multitenancy
  • Self-configuring self-optimizing, and self-tuning storage
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Nondisruptive, federated data mobility

This week, I’m focusing on why we believe HP 3PAR StoreServ is the only solution on the market capable of delivering all these modern Tier-1 requirements to your rapidly changing IT environment.


 Resiliency and massive consolidation

Assuring service levels is and continues to be the single most important challenge for any mission-critical environment. HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage solves this problem via a modern architecture that eliminates single points of failure. Tier-1 resilience paired with secure administrative segregation of users, hosts and application data, enables you to consolidate with confidence.


Full hardware redundancy paired with software features that perform error checking and seamless failover/failback ensure complete system resilience, even when the unexpected happens. And the multi-controller scalability and extreme flexibility built into HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage make deploying and maintaining separate storage silos to deliver different Quality of Service (QoS) levels obsolete. System-wide striping of data across all internal resources ensures high performance for all workload types. Performance is so good that it actually eliminates virtualization roadblocks and allows us to guarantee you can double the VM density on your servers.


Ability to manage unpredictable growth

Modern, mission-critical environments must also be able to respond rapidly to dynamically changing demands, including managing unpredictable growth. There are two major aspects to this: being able to non-disruptively scale capacity and delivering consistently high performance levels.


HP 3PAR StoreServ delivers symmetrical load balancing and utilization across the entire system. Unlike traditional storage architectures where each volume is only active on a single controller, the HP 3PAR Mesh-Active architecture allows each volume to be active on every mesh controller in the system.

This design also offers leadership in SPC-1 performance benchmark results with both flash and traditional spinning media. Innovative use of flash storage technologies gives you a choice between all-flash arrays and solid-state storage tiered with spinning media. This range of deployment options provides you with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability over time, so you can deliver the highest levels of service at the lowest possible cost no matter what your deployment scenario is or how it may change.


Secure multitenancy

Using separate physical resources, either with a monolithic storage system or several dedicated modular storage systems, defeats the economic and administrative benefits of consolidation. With HP 3PAR StoreServ, you can securely partition resources within a shared infrastructure in order to pool physical storage resources for lower storage costs without compromising security. For example, only HP 3PAR Priority Optimization software gives you the flexibility and control to prioritize your mission critical applications and workloads by Service Level Objectives (such as throughput, bandwidth, and latency). Other offerings in the marketplace implement QoS at the hardware layer (assigning fixed amounts of cache to a volume for example) that is not measurable in terms of application performance.


Self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-tuning storage

It’s no longer acceptable for storage administrators to be stuck managing spreadsheets by playing a Tetris game, selecting which drives will go into which RAID groups and which LUNs will be provisioned. HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage eliminates traditional manual storage planning and change management with autonomic management features that are intelligent, take place at a subsystem level, and don’t require administrator intervention. 


These features not only reduce management time by as much as 90 percent, but minimize the opportunity for human error and shrink provisioning time from hours, weeks, and days to just seconds. Provision a volume in only 15 seconds. Deliver high performance to all applications, even under failure conditions. Quickly adapt to the unpredictable by optimizing QoS levels with one click.




Optimized asset utilization

Today’s world requires organizations to do more with effectively less – but with no tradeoffs because performance cannot be sacrificed. 3PAR pioneered Thin Provisioning for open systems as early as 2003, and HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage remains the gold standard for not only Thin Provisioning, but an entire range of thin technologies which reduce capacity requirements by eliminating over-provisioning and using fast and simple space reclamation capabilities. HP 3PAR ASICs in each controller node not only deliver mixed workload support but also provide the high-performance engine behind unique thin technologies that allow you to purchase 50 percent less storage to meet your application requirements—without compromising performance or utilization.


Nondisruptive, federated data mobility

In an unpredictable world, organizations need not only a scalable and multi-tenant storage platform but they also need the ability to grow beyond the boundaries of a single system seamlessly and non-disruptively. HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage has the ability to move data faultlessly in order to balance performance and cost and drive up-utilization. HP 3PAR StoreServ supports federated data mobility across Tier-1, midrange, and flash-optimized systems so you can manage resources at the data center level rather than just the system level. Peer-based storage federation lets you to move data and workloads between arrays without impact to applications, users, or services.




What we mean when we say: the only primary storage architecture you’ll ever need

With a modern, scale-out architecture that is designed to meet the new demands of ITaaS and Cloud environments, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage is the only primary storage platform you need to support multi-tenant high availability, flash-optimized performance, and the efficiency and agility demanded by Tier-1 storage in the modern data center.


HP 3PAR StoreServ brings together the resiliency of traditional monolithic platforms with the simplicity and scale-out capabilities of modular architectures, introducing a full-mesh interconnect that solves the scalability and resiliency limitations of dual-controller designs. As a result, you get Tier-1 storage with midrange affordability that is capable of delivering faster response times with half the capacity. And that is what modern Tier-1 is all about.


Don’t walk with the dinosaurs.

Learn more about modern Tier-1 storage:

Blog post by my colleague HPStorageGuy: What is Tier-1 Storage

Whitepaper from ESG: The Changing Face of Tier-1 Storage in the Modern Data Center

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Does 3PAR have block level deduplication yet? compression?


I'd be ready to jump on a 7400, but we need dedupe. I know you try and play off your zero-block-dedupe as proper dedupe, but I'm talking about proper block level deduplication of data.

Same opinion as Alex.

Need dedupe to reach 80-90% reduction for VDI deployement. 


Hi Alex.  Thanks for the message.  Regarding your question.... it's something we are investigating.  I'd suggest talking to your HP rep or feel free to contact me directly at  I'd like to learn more about your environment... 

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