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9 top reasons to choose HP StoreOnce Backup Solutions


AshwinJ.jpgBy Ashwin Shetty, Product Marketing, HP Storage


Last week at HP Discover we had made some very significant announcements for HP storage and for the HP StoreOnce platform, including Federated Catalyst for HP StoreOnce 6500, expanded ISV ecosystem and HP Integrity Plus Assurance for end-to-end data integrity and security.  


So, now the questions arise: Why do our customers deploy HP StoreOnce for data protection requirements? What differentiates our solution as compared to the rest of the backup appliance vendors? I think it is time we take a closer look at and make sure it’s not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors – and delve into what you are really looking for when it comes to data protection.


As data continues to grow exponentially, your organization is looking for efficient, cost-effective solutions to manage this growth and protect critical business information. Most vendors promote their backup systems as the “fastest” and the “best” data protection solutions available. This can add to the overall confusion as you try to determine fact from fiction. We're here to help with that!


Let us explore some of the key HP StoreOnce differentiators that simplifies your decision-making process:

  1. Backup performance: HP StoreOnce backup performance is based on real-world scenarios. We do not StoreOnce_308x220_tcm245_1534335_tcm245_1515474_tcm245-1534335.jpgartificially create lab test conditions to drive performance numbers. HP StoreOnce appliances deliver outstanding backup performance up to 139TB/hr, which is faster than most existing backup solutions in the market. Significantly enhanced performance is achieved by distributing StoreOnce Catalyst (OST) onto media servers that perform much of the deduplication processing. The data is then copied or replicated to the StoreOnce appliance in the deduplicated form to minimize the impact on the LAN or WAN.  This federated deduplication helps with speed and replication performance.
  2. Restore performance: HP StoreOnce helps you recover data without compromising on performance. Restore time and performance is what matters most. When you need your data, you need to access it fast. Most deduplication solutions break down files into blocks and chunks, putting the files back (restoring) together again to present to the end user/application will consume processing time and lead to performance degradation. StoreOnce allows data restores speeds of up to 75TB/hr, enabling restoration of data faster than other competing data protection solutions. This allows you to get back online more quickly and significantly minimize risk of lengthy downtime. By stating our restore performance numbers, we are willing to tell you exactly what they can expect with HP StoreOnce unlike other vendors.
  3. High resiliency with autonomic restart: Failed backups are a result of inadequate data protection of applications and data sets, leaving organizations vulnerable to data loss in case of a catastrophic failure. The effects of failed backups are magnified significantly if you use centralized backups of remote data. HP StoreOnce 6x00 multi-node systems allow backup jobs to continue uninterrupted, even in case of a controller failure. This in turn completely protects all data sets in a world where backup has become a 24x7 operation. Most vendors do not have a high-availability solution for data protection.
  4. HP StoreOnce VSA as your virtual backup appliance: HP StoreOnce VSA has been designed to align with the increase of virtualization in ROBOs, service providers and SMBs while still meeting their StoreOnceVSA_Icon_28220x160_29_tcm245_1675986_tcm245_1675985_tcm245-1675986.jpgbudgets and delivering the benefits of a deduplicating backup appliance. StoreOnce VSA can easily replicate backups remotely to a central office/repository. It is a cost-effective option to utilize your virtual infrastructure by using all available resources, which are usually wasted during spare time. At the same time, for remote unattended infrastructures, it is an ideal way to avoid the installation and subsequent maintenance of unnecessary hardware. StoreOnce VSA has now added support to Hyper-V, and scales from either 1TB to 4TB or 1TB to 10TB in 1TB increments depending upon the model or requirement.
  5. Better storage and restore efficiency: HP StoreOnce is able to deliver a high deduplication ratio, thereby retaining ~20X more data on both the hardware and virtual backup appliances. The increased storage efficiency means more backup data is readily available on the StoreOnce appliance allowing you to access backup data faster and perform rapid restores.
  6. Simplified management and greater flexibility: Data movement is centrally controlled by the backup application. You can manage replication of data across the enterprise from a single pane of glass. By using StoreOnce Catalyst, one can concurrently move data from one site to multiple sites and cascade data around the enterprise, resulting in reduced bandwidth requirements of ~95%.
  7. Common management with HP Software: Operational management sometimes adds to the overall complexity of your data protection strategy. HP StoreOnce follows a simple operational model wherein new solutions should be managed by existing tools and frameworks. Most often, while deploying backup solutions from vendors, IT managers are forced to learn and implement a separate management tool to support this single point product. HP StoreOnce systems seamlessly plug into HP Systems Insights Manager (SIM) or Integrated Light –Out 2 (iLO2) monitoring and management frameworks. Users receive warnings and alerts of StoreOnce appliances, as if it was any other product under the management umbrella. While this seems like common sense, few other technology vendors support this type of management integration.
  8. Variable chunking deduplication with 4K-block size: HP StoreOnce implements a variable chunking deduplication algorithm. This allows grouping of data into chunks based on the patterns in the data itself. If the subsequent backup with new header information is written to the disk and all other information is then resynchronized and deduplicated accordingly, the variable chunking algorithm identifies the same data that was already written. This drives 20x or higher deduplication ratio with HP StoreOnce appliances. Along with this algorithm, StoreOnce employs a chunk size of 4K – the smallest in the industry. This provides the ability to match data better, since it is more likely to find a common segment of smaller data than larger data. And it results in delivering greater deduplication ratios.
  9. Get Protected Guarantee: It is very difficult to truly determine ROI and identify the hidden gaps in your current data protection environment. We have now eliminated this risk by introducing the HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee. This provides a free in-depth backup assessment of your environment along with a guarantee that our deduplication technology would reduce capacity requirements. For an eligible backup environment (as determined through the assessment), you can now switch from your legacy backup system to any HP StoreOnce solution – and HP will guarantee a 95% reduction in stored backup data. If not, HP would make up the difference by providing additional capacity and associated software and support. This brings a unique value proposition to you that no other vendor in the industry provides today.

With the only federated deduplication solution available today, HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst overcomes the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, deduplication solutions offered by other vendors and delivers industry-leading backup and restore performance.


Learn some more about HP StoreOnce

Watch this great ChalkTalk by HPStorageGuy Calvin Zito on Federated Catalyst.




Download this solution brief: Risk-free backup guaranteed


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