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A Crazy-Good Year for Software-Defined Storage



It’s hard to believe 2017 is here! The HPE software-defined storage team is itching to get at new projects, buoyed up by the 2016 buzz and momentum. Call me crazy, but I think 2016 was the most fun and productiveSDS_year in review_hello 2017.jpg year ever in Software-Defined Storage Land.

You don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at the 2016 highlight reel.

FEBRUARY: 2-Node Quorum feature in the limelight

Released in late 2015, 2-Node Quorum is a StoreVirtual storage technology feature that allows a 2-node storage configuration to deliver 99.999% high availability. Read the blog and watch the video.

APRIL: 100% availability for cloud service provider

Cloud service provider Opus Interactive deploys HPE StoreVirtual VSA.  Now virtualized server and storage clusters span three cloud-enabled data centers to deliver 100% availability, leveraging storage capacity that can easily scale up or down based on customer usage. Read the case study or watch the video.

JUNE: HPE composable data fabric is a thing

HPE announces our composable data fabric vision: To build on our proven software-defined storage foundation with a universal storage layer which spans every platform, workload, form factor and protocol in the data center with extreme flexibility. ESG shares the many reasons why this is so cool in a short video.

JULY: The very real benefits of adopting virtual storage

Aberdeen Group points out the significant benefits of virtual storage for businesses, from reduced IT costs and downtime to greater performance, flexibility and scalability. And there are 5 signs that you might be in dire need of virtual storage.

AUGUST: StoreVirtual VSA turns 9

I believe all of the 9-year-olds out there will agree, that’s a pretty terrific age to be: young, bright, full of promise, and old enough to drive a golf cart. Or a storage infrastructure.

NOVEMBER: The future of server-based storage

Director of Product Management and all-around great guy Patrick Osborne explains how HPE leverages server-based storage for hyperconverged and composable infrastructures, and for data protection. No wonder HPE StoreVirtual technology has been deployed in 10’s of thousands of IT infrastructures around the world.

Impressed?  Wait until you see what we do in 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Meet Around the Storage Block bloggerJanet Runberg, Enablement Manager, HPE Software-Defined Storage.






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Industrial IT

Sounds like a fantastic year for growth in 2016. I will certainley be staying tuned in 2017 to see what you guys can come up with next. I have a feeling this wil be an exciting year for you guys! I wish you the best of luck.

Ameer Ahmad

Wow! Reading this article makes me excited about what cloud can be done this year. If last year is full of these innovations, how much more this year. Maybe all I could do is wait. I'. seeing my self reading an update of this article next year.

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