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A New All-Inclusive Experience for All HPE 3PAR StoreServ Customers Is Here. Are You In?



It’s here!  3PAR All-Inclusive Software for new and installed-based HPE 3PAR StoreServ customers is designed to make it easier to protect investments and benefit from the simplicity of new product structure.

When was the last time you went with your kids to a theme park on vacation? Have you ever worried about getting tickets for every ride? That’s when it’s handy t3PAR All-Inclusive software_blog.jpgo get all-inclusive access to the park. So everyone is all in.

That is the kind of all-inclusive experience we want to provide our customers here at HPE 3PAR.

With our recent 3PAR announcements, we made it a lot easier for you to get the most out of your HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, thanks to a new product structure. This structure is based on all-inclusive software licensing that allows you to buy the box (the “all-inclusive” tickets) – and not worry about software capabilities (the individual rides you want to go to) during the purchase process.

In this new model, you’ll find logical subdivision between the software features required for the functioning of a single storage array and those required for the functioning of multiple storage arrays in a group.

Choose all-inclusive single- or multi-system software

Capabilities such as snapshots, file services, quality of service and management interfaces are all included as part of the software bundle called All-Inclusive Single-System Software. This collection of software is bundled with each array as it ships out of the factory, ready to be deployed and used from the get go.

Capabilities that involve more than a single array – like replication, disaster recovery and federation – are grouped together in a collection called All-Inclusive Multi-System Software. This software is a frame or array-level license and is required to be licensed once per the lifetime of any array that is participating in a replication or federation group.

Support structure has been modified to adapt to the new product structure as well. We also have introduced all-inclusive Installation and Start-up services to complete the picture.

3PAR All-Inclusive_value .jpgThe level of simplicity achieved through this new licensing scheme cannot be overstated. With this approach, we have brought down the number of SKUs we offer by a massive 10x! This means our offerings are now simple, transactional and easy to fulfill.

3PAR All-Inclusive_simplifed ordering process .jpg

Good news for our installed-base 3PAR storage customers

We have introduced the new licensing structure on our two currently shipping 3PAR storage platforms – the 3PAR StoreServ 8000 and 3PAR StoreServ 20000, both of which have been shipping for nearly 18 months now. Our goal (achieved!) is to setup a seamless transition path for our existing customers.

While we took a look at current market offerings, one thing became increasingly clear: Nobody, I repeat, nobody considers installed-base customers when creating product structure changes. Whether it is the new high-end all-flash model that was created by one of the other leading storage vendors or the new lower mid-range platform introduced with all-inclusive licensing by the same vendor, the general trend seemed to be to create new “platforms” so as to avoid handling a transition for existing customers stuck in old platforms.

The decision for us was simple: We wanted all customers of a specific product generation to benefit from the simplicity of our new product structure – whether you’re midrange or high-end, whether all-flash, hybrid or all-HDD arrays, whether an installed-based base or new customer.

More simply put: We wanted an all-inclusive licensing where everyone was included.

This is not new to 3PAR. When we launched a brand new “Simplified Spindle” licensing model for 3PAR 7000 for the very first time, we immediately followed up by making it available on the 3PAR 10000 (the then currently shipping 3PAR high-end platform).

Remaining true to our DNA to keep your investments protected, we have come up with mechanisms to do it again!3PAR All_Inclusive_market view .jpg

What’s the “secret” behind the trasnition to all-inclusive? (And the benefit to you!)

We enabled this through what we refer to as an All-Inclusive Transition license.

It’s important to note that any of our existing customers are free to continue to have our existing licensing structures for the lifetime of an array, as long as you do not have any further hardware upgrades to your array. There are no software version dependencies that will force you to one licensing or another. So for example, if you choose to move to All-Inclusive Licensing, you can purchase an All-Inclusive Transition license at a very nominal price, redeem it and then apply it on your system.

When you do this, you unlock all the titles with the All-Inclusive Single-System software. What’s more, you they get unlimited access to all software titles that you’ve already licensed on your array over and above the All-Inclusive Single-software titles. By doing this, not only do we provide you with a clear path to the new product structure, we also ensure that your existing investments in software are protected.

Why now’s the great time to move to 3PAR All-Inclusive Software

If you’re an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 or 20000 customer, it’s a great time to make the move to 3PAR All-Inclusive Software.

One good reason: Because the transition to all-flash storage has entered what many in the storage industry refer to as the “third wave,” where all-flash arrays are quickly becoming the default storage tier for business-critical applications. The “first-wave” vendors were too narrowly focused on performance and “second-wave” vendors purely focused on lowering costs.

As all-flash arrays become the “new normal” in the data center, it’s important to understand the ripple effect for the rest of your data center. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

Transitioning to 3PAR All-Inclusive Software is simple and ensures you get the most out of your investment with enhanced capabilities that include Adaptive Data Reduction technologies, data persistence, safe partitioning for virtual private arrays, replication, flash-optimized data protection, and non-disruptive data mobility.


Ram G_HPE Storage.jpg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ram Gopichandran, Product Manager, HPE 3PAR Hardware Platforms.




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Noun NK

Hi, I have existing 3PAR 8400 and will upgrade enclosures and disks. And I got this SW in quotation "HPE 3PAR 8400 Transition AI SW E-LTU". I need to know about prerequisite for this upgrade. Thanks


@Noun NK - One of my field solution architects tells me you have to be on at least 3.2.2 of the 3PAR OS. You should confirm with your local HPE rep. 

Hetesh Rathod

Customer had below

HP 3PAR StoreServ 8200 2N Fld Int Base (K2Q36A)

24 x HP 3PAR 8000 1.8TB SAS 10K SFF HDD (K2P94A)

HP 3PAR 8200 OS Suite Base LTU (L7B45A)

HP 3PAR 8200 OS Suite Drive LTU (L7B46A)


We gave an upgrade with below part numbers

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 SFF(2.5in) Field Integrated SAS Drive Enc (E7Y71A)

12 x HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 1.8TB SAS 10K SFF (2.5in) Hard Drive


We missed to propose the HP 3PAR 8200 OS Suite Drive LTU (L7B46A) and now I see that OS Suite Drive license part number is obsolete. Can you please advise how we can solve this issue?



@Hetesh - You will need to work that issue through your local HPE rep. Sounds like you're a partner - you should contact your HPE Partner Business Manager. 


Hey Guys,

May i know what is this All inclusive software : HPE 3PAR 8200 Transition AI SW E-LTU, L7E73AAE, is it license for physical SSD drives ?

Actually i had 12 SSD's in our HP 3PAR 8200, now we have ordered 4 more arrays to enhance our environment. After plugging those 4 new drives then i can see in storage management GUI that it shows Physical drives : 16 (12 licensed) but i didn't find any license in the SSD box.

After that i searched my mailbox then i found one mail entitled : Your HPE Electronic Software Delivery Reciept for your ordr xxxxxxx, purcahse order xxxxx" then i activated this license to our HP 3par array.

Then i can see in management console GUI it shows Physical Disks: 16 without 12 licensed.

After that when i was trying to connect CLI of management cosole and type the command: showlicense, its not giving output "system is licensed for 16 disks even not for 12 disks atleast" this line is not present in the output of showlicense command.

what i am getting as an output:

test-3par% showlicense

License key was generated on Tue Mar 13 10:39:51 2018


System WWNBASE/W19 number is 0x19F69.


License features currently enabled:

3PAR OS Suite

Adaptive Flash Cache

Adaptive Optimization

Autonomic Rebalance

Dynamic Optimization

File Persona (2147482624G)

Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter

Online Import

Priority Optimization

Recovery Manager Central

Recovery Manager for Exchange

Recovery Manager for Microsoft Hyper-V

Recovery Manager for Oracle

Recovery Manager for SQL

Recovery Manager for VMware vSphere

RMC Application Suite

Smart SAN

System Reporter

Thin Conversion

Thin Copy Reclamation

Thin Deduplication

Thin Persistence

Thin Provisioning (20480000G)

Virtual Copy

Virtual Domains

Virtual Lock

VSS Provider for Microsoft Windows


What i noticed more license features are added. so i think this is  "HPE 3PAR 8200 Transition AI SW E-LTU" for to add license features and for expanding drives we dont need any licnese but if not needed then before applying this license why its showing Physical Drives : 16 (12 licensed) and after apllying this it shows only Physical Drives: 16 ??

I am waiting for clarification.












@sshami - I reached out to Ram (wrote this blog post) and asked him to help me answer your question. Here's what he sent me:

Prior to applying the transition license, the array was in simplified spindle based licensing. That means that all drives in the system have to be licensed with as many HPE 3PAR OS Suite Drive LTUs (up to license cap on that model). However, after applying the transition license, the requirement for Drive LTUs simply goes away as once transitioned, all software licenses are included as part of the system itself. Therefore, after applying transition license, showlicense command shows the number of drives on the system and no information regarding how many are licensed. In this case it is implicit that all drives in the system are, by default, licensed.

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