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A Storage Guy Talking HPE ProLiant iLO 5 with a Demo



I was in Houston several weeks ago and since my organization (Data Center Infrastructure Group) was so focused on the HPE ProLiant Gen10 announcements that we did at Discover, I asked to see if there was any good content I could capture to help support the announcement. Doug Hascall, iLO Firmware R&D Manager, and Victoria Hanrahan, from the ProLiant marketing team, were the first to raise their hands. And I'm glad for that!

Securing the serverATSB_data security_iLO_blog.jpg

I told them how much I like doing demos so we quickly settled on Doug showing me around the new iLO 5 that is a part of the ProLiant Gen 10 family. Doug spent the first 5 minutes talking to me about the new security features that are baked into the iLO 5 ASIC. He called it a "Silicon Root of Trust" and talked about how no one else in the industry has that. Doug called it the “The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server” powered by iLO 5. There was so much to talk about that we spent over 5 minutes on the topic of security. When I got home to edit our demo video, I realized there really wasn't much in the way of demo since the security piece we talked about happens at boot-up and under the covers. So I turned that part of the discussion into a podcast.

Listen to the podcast with Doug about the new iLO5 security features here.

You can either right click and download the MP3 file or if you click on the link, it should open and play in a browser. To subscribe to the podcast, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button under my picture. If you don't use iTunes, you can find my podcast on  

Now for show and tell

Once Doug and I got past the discussion on the iLO 5 Silicon Root of Trust, he showed me a thing or two about iLO 5 - which by the way I knew stood for Integrated Lights Out. So here's the demo I did with him.

If you're reading the blog on a PC, you might open the video up in a browser and watch it full screen so you can see the details. This link will open the demo in a new browser. 

Doug also wrote a blog post about the new iLO 5 that you can read over on our Servers: The Right Compute blog.  It's definitely worth reading what he had to say! And as Doug mentions at the end of the demo, you can learn more about iLO at

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I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.

Rahul Shah

Excellent demo - crisp and succint. Any iLO 5 relateed collateral document link would be great too.



@rahul - the link I gave at the end of the blog post is the place to find more: