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A perfect storm for Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service demand


AguyJ2.jpgWe welcome Steve Brothers, VP, Operations and Technology, Ajubeo, as a guest blogger on Around the Storage Block.

These days, IT organizations like yours are making difficult adjustments related to shrinking budgets, staff reductions—not to mention the need to restore and recover data more and more quickly. In the meantime, many executives view backup as an important but inefficient process that their companies have traditionally had to manage internally.


If you view all of these factors together, it’s a perfect storm for Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service (BRaaS) demand. Businesses are increasingly looking to outsource backup processes whenever it makes sense. In particular, these processes must be both efficient and cost-effective while maintaining best practices for risk management. This offers not only a challenge but also a significant opportunity for service providers.


Collaborating for cloud-based solutions

We’ve seen significant business benefits for our customers providing them with true BRaaS in the cloud that enables them to offer differentiated solutions. HP played a key part in making this happen.


Ajubeo provides high-performance, enterprise-class infrastructure cloud services (IaaS) that create value by delivering maximum flexibility, security, reliability and connectivity. Now, by leveraging the HP Cloud Backup Service Provider Ready solution, we’ve been able to get an enhanced BRaaS offering to market quickly while benefiting from HP’s brand reach and technical expertise. Here at Ajubeo, we’ve seen great interest in our BRaaS solution built on the reliable, flexible HP StoreOnce platform. By partnering with HP, Ajubeo extends its StoreOnce solution set from on-premises backup to multi-site backup replicated to the cloud. This means more options for you.


HPN23645_BackUp-Service_micrographic_2.jpgSmooth sailing with BRaaS solution benefits

The HP and Ajubeo BRaaS solution helps with requirements such as distance from a primary computing site and offsite retention policies. The solution also helps you to reduce costs and complexity while transitioning to an OPEX cost model.


While many of the “other” cloud providers can offer similar solutions built on a legacy replication methodology that carries with it the high costs associated with data recovery, the HP and Ajubeo solution provides you with the industry’s most efficient replication solution. You get state-of-the-art compression/deduplication technology and a transparent cost structure that will not fluctuate based on the amount of data you need to recover. Your data is always available to you. When needed, it can be recovered quickly and efficiently to meet your required SLA needs.


In addition, you have the reassurance that comes from having data that is fully mirrored with two geographically diverse copies of your digital assets—so you know that data is always protected and recoverable when needed. Perhaps most importantly, you are able to focus on core projects rather than the distractions of everyday business process management.


These end-to-end solutions are based on customizable solutions designed by Ajubeo and built on best-in-class technology from HP. Our ability to provide a cloud-based replication target based on the HP StoreOnce Backup solution has only strengthened our existing cloud backup solution offering. For Ajubeo and our customers, it’s a winning combination.


Ajubeo (A-Joo-Bee-Oh) was founded by career enterprise IT executives on the vision of providing secure, high-performance cloud infrastructure that maximizes business and architectural agility for today's CIO. We enable IT executives to deliver more value than ever before. If you want to gain more from your backup processes, let’s talk. Learn more.

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