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AI-driven management with HPE InfoSight


Yesterday I had a demo showing 3PAR on HPE InfoSight with cross stack analytics - a new feature we had announced recently. Today I have HPE InfoSight AI-driven management blog.jpganother demo of another new feature with InfoSight: Artificial Intelligence or AI-driven management. Competitors are struggling to keep up with the benefits that HPE InfoSight provides customers and AI-driven management pushes the gap even further. Before I jump into the demo, here's a bit of background. 

A look at InfoSight's architecture

HPE InfoSight Marketecture.pngThe image to the right (click on it if you want to see a bigger version) gives a high-level architecture of HPE InfoSight. Starting from the bottom of the graphic, we begin with telemetry.  It's a unique approach to data collection and analysis well beyond the logs and metrics of obvious metrics from traditional infrastructure. And as my post yesterday showed, it's not just storage telemetry but cross-stack and includes compute, networking, and VMware. 

The middle portion of the graphic shows the cloud-based platform. The data is then ingested into our cloud-based AI platform where we use machine learning to feed our predictive analytics and recommendation engines with continuous learning from the installed base. 

The platform drives (on the top layer):

  • Predictive support automation predicting and automating resolution to problems
  • AI-driven management that tells IT how to improve the environment with better proactive management (through advanced analytics in our cloud-portal)
  • Continuous improvement that makes our systems smarter and more reliable

Now for the demo

The purpose of the post today is to share with you the demo of the AI-driven management.  At the end of the video, I want to circle back and talk about the benefits of HPE InfoSight, but for now, here's the demo from David Wang, InfoSight Product expert, who also joined me on a recent podcast.  

The benefits are impressive

Consider these three impressive benefits:

  1. 86% of problems are predicted and automatically resolved before customers even realize there’s an issue. Think about that: Problems are resolved before you know there's an issue. And many of these problems - 56% according to our data - aren't even storage issues. 

  2. The global visibility that InfoSight has across the stack and into the future with the ability to continuously learn and smarter has enabled Nimble Storage to deliver over 99.9999% of measured and proven availability across its installed base. And continuously improving isn't just a nice saying. In 2013, the measured availability of the installed base was 99.999% - so by learning and improving, we are now over 6-nines. That's significant. 

  3. The bottom line is this: Infrastructure powered by HPE InfoSight translates directly into significant financial impact. Enterprise Strategy Group researched hundreds of HPE customers and found a 79% savings in operational costs.  InfoSight has fundamentally transformed how infrastructure is managed and supported.

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