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Accelerate innovation in unstructured data environments with All-NVMe and Qumulo file data platform

HPE announces HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus with All-NVMe and Qumulo file data platform, our newest scale-out file solution. It is optimized for high-throughput, low-latency use-cases involving unstructured file data. The All-NVMe design allows enterprises to run data-intensive applications without speed or capacity limitations, enabling them to innovate faster than ever before.

HPE_Qumolo_All-NVME_New Blog_shutterstock_50848303.pngUnprecedented data growth in the enterprise is offering businesses everywhere new opportunities to innovate, and helping to unlock tremendous value. Many technological advancements in IoT, computing and machine learning have made this a far easier task than ever before, but we keep hearing from customers that deriving insights from their data is held back because of their aging infrastructure. With much of the new data being unstructured and collected at a scale and speed never seen before, the existing infrastructure just cannot keep up, forcing IT to re-think their approach to their environment.

A new infrastructure solution to support data-driven initiatives

Today, data-driven enterprises face a real infrastructure bottleneck in their digital transformation initiatives. Modern apps need to convert large amounts of unstructured file data into actionable insights for better decision-making. But these apps have extremely low latency requirements. They need to ingest greater amounts of data than traditional apps, and quickly process all this information through a data pipeline in order to unlock the insights. Ensuring data security all along this pipeline is equally important.

Digital Transformation demands a new solution designed for scale, speed and security.

Together with Qumulo, HPE already offers industry-leading hybrid storage solutions for scale-out environments. These solutions are enterprise-proven and highly scalable, and can be deployed in minutes, scaling as your data grows. New nodes added to your cluster are automatically factored in, making the scale-out experience seamless. We know these are critical capabilities that you value greatly as you take on digital transformation initiatives. For example, with the HPE-Qumulo solution, Capsilon, now part of Ellie Mae, is able to process an extremely high volume of small, mortgage loan application  files – 30 billion and growing – with greater efficiency and more securely than ever before.

The new All-NVMe Flash solution takes our leadership in unstructured data to the next level.

  1. Performance: Designed to exceed 17 GB/s multi-stream reads performance, and with machine learning-based predictive caching, users can analyze more than 1PB of data per day, extracting actionable insights in real-time and at scale.
  2. Always-on security: HPE iLO5 Silicon Root of Trust and the built-in Qumulo software based 256-bit AES encryption protects systems and data from threats and malicious activities, with no separate licenses to manage, and switched ON by default.
  3. Intelligence: The solution integrates the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure, powered by HPE InfoSight. It learns from millions of sensors from over 100,000 systems around the world to drive global intelligence and insights for your infrastructure. Qumulo’s file data platform includes real-time analytics to provide valuable insights into the data and the performance of the system.

"HPE and Qumulo provide our researchers the ability to rapidly develop their breakthroughs in a highly scalable, collaborative, secure environment." Vince Calhoun, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and director of the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS), a tri-institutional effort supported by Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, focused on making better use of complex brain imaging data. He added “Real-time visibility into our data, along with painless agile upgrades, ensures the consistent high performance required by our researchers. We are very excited about the introduction of the new solution and look forward to leveraging this partnership's innovations to our research advantage."

Accelerating innovation

With the right mix of speed and capacity, the solution provides IT with a unique time-to-market advantage. Enterprises can now handle much larger volumes of data and move that data faster within their data pipeline, compared to the bandwidth of existing infrastructure. This provides much-needed acceleration in implementing data-driven use-cases, including cutting-edge medical research, real-time analytics, 3D image analysis, and large-scale video rendering. And as organizations continue to leverage unstructured data, building AI for the business becomes that much easier with acceleration.

The solution is offered as-a-service with HPE GreenLake, providing the flexibility to adjust your capacity to the changing needs of your business. You pay only for the capacity you use and scale as you need more. HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to you, simplifying operations and giving you financial flexibility so you can free-up capital for innovation.


The HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus with All-NVMe and Qumulo will be available at the beginning of December 2020.


[1] The Growth in Connected IoT Devices Is Expected to Generate 79.4ZB of Data in 2025, According to a New IDC Forecast

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