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Accelerate your DevOps journey with HPE Storage at HPE Discover

There’s not only a heat wave in the bayHPED19LV_SpeakerPPT_Template_metricHPE_sessions_16x9-v1 (002).pptx  -  Read-Only.jpg area weather-wise, things are cranked up to eleven preparing for HPE Discover next week. This year there will be an extraordinary number of interesting topics around the technology that fuels digital transformation, application modernization and hybrid cloud.

Demos and Spotlight
First, let us walk through the Intelligent Storage neighborhood in the Transformation Showcase.

DEMO1838 "HPE 3PAR Storage and HPE Nimble Storage with Kubernetes and containers for hybrid and public cloud"

Gain insights how HPE primary storage offerings play vital role in DevOps workflows such as CI/CD, CaaS and lift & transform. Learn about Google Anthos and true multicloud storage for Kubernetes.

DEMO1304 "BlueData: Turnkey container-based software platform for AI/machine learning/deep learning and big data analytics"

The very strategic acquisition of BlueData, one year in, learn how to boost big data applications by running data scientist friendly workflows and worry less about the infrastructure.

DEMO1839 "HPE Cloud Data Services - Run any workload on any cloud"

It’s very exciting times for HPE Cloud Volumes as data gravity is a problem we face everyday when trying to weigh public vs hybrid cloud. Move those obstacles out of the way and focus on business outcomes instead. Workload mobility and freedom of choice are two key ingredients.

DEMO1830 "HPE Apollo 4000 systems - The most flexible platforms for scale-out block, file,and object Software-Defined Storage needs"

Modern data problems require modern solutions. The HPE Apollo platform is our technology partner platform of choice for software-defined storage. If you think you have data scaling problem, I think we have a partner solution with the Apollo for you.

A pro HPE Discover tip is that after our spotlight session on Tuesday, more demos will open up, so it’s important to revisit the Intelligent Storage neighborhood after the spotlight session:

SL8619 Tuesday, 4:30PM - 5:30PM "Transform your business with the Intelligent Data Platform"

I can’t stress enough that this is THE essential session to attend, even if you’re not “into” storage. There will be industry shattering announcements for the HPE storage portfolio. This will be the talk of the town rest of the year.

Breakout Sessions
There are breakout sessions from HPE, technology partners and channel partners. We’ve also recruited customers to many of these sessions. See the true color of the differentiating partnerships HPE engages in. There are over thirty sessions in the catalog that revolves around DevOps, one way or the other.

Here are the ones we should take a closer look at from a storage perspective:

B8586 Tuesday, 9AM - 10AM "Data management for containers at scale and velocity"

In this session we’ll reiterate the value HPE storage brings to container ecosystems and the DevOps centric workloads we enhance with powerful data management. The primary content of this session is the introduction to long time HPE customer that brings tremendous insights from their journey managing containers and stateful applications at scale in an Enterprise.

B8584 Thursday, 10:30AM - 11:30AM "HPE Cloud Data Services: Run any workload on any cloud"

Learn about HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Cloud Bank that may be consumed in a cloud-native manner. Exciting multicloud capabilities for all the big three public cloud vendors to drive use cases for workload mobility, cloud bursting and disaster recovery. Essential for any public cloud storage consumer.

B9760 Wednesday, 4:30PM - 5:30PM "Extending hyperconvergence to business critical apps"

This one is a wolf in disguise. If you’re interesting in abstracting away your infrastructure in a new and slightly revolutionary way so you can focus on business related problems instead, this is where you need to be. Be alert, the title might change during the show.

T8587 Wednesday, 5:00PM - 5:30PM "Leveraging hybrid cloud for your containerized workloads"

As I’ve stressed the last few months, Kubernetes is the only path to true multicloud. Running stateless applications on Kubernetes in a multicloud way is dauntingly simple, but when you start talking about stateful applications you suddenly have a completely different set of problems to solve. You will be on the edge of your seat in this one if you’ve felt the true pain of data gravity in cloud-native applications.

It's very unfortunate that B9760 and T8587 have a bit of overlap. It's choice if you're on the infrastructure side vs the application side of the equation.

There’s not shortage of content, for either partners or customers, to engage with HPE to use our technology to accelerate any technology journey you’re on. Compute, network and storage. We see a constant increase interest across the board for modernization in particular. Multicloud, hybrid cloud, infrastructure-as-code, open source first with a “we’ll built it and we’ll support it” type of mentality. HPE is uniquely position to deliver the infrastructure across the stack to meet any challenge you’re facing.

I’ll be spending most of my time at HPE Discover in the HPE DEV Hack Shack, find all sessions in this HPE DEV blog post. I have two workshops, not surprisingly, related to the topic of this blog post.

HSW8597 Tuesday, 09:00AM - 09:40AM "Persist, optimize and accelerate using persistent storage in Kubernetes"

HSW8596 Thursday, 12:00PM - 12:40PM "Improve day two operations with your own custom automation with the HPE Nimble Storage REST API"

For a brief intro to what these topics are going to include, please watch to this message via Twitter.

See you in the HPE DEV Hack Shack at HPE Discover 2019!

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