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Achieve 2.8x cost savings with hyperconverged infrastructure: HCI without compromise

Looking for a more cost-effective, agile approach to streamline IT infrastructure? Modern HCI can eliminate overprovisioning and deliver up to 2.8x cost savings over traditional HCI.

HPE SimpliVity-hyperconvergence-blog.pngWhen hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was first introduced, it caught on like wildfire. HCI offered performance and scalability in a cost-effective solution that was simple to deploy, manage, and upgrade. HCI proposed a vision of web-scale design overcoming archaic, non-agile approaches to datacenter scale.

Fast forward a decade and adoption for HCI is still on the rise. But while linearly scalable HCI continues to be acceptable for general-purpose applications, IT organizations with rapidly growing infrastructures have had to make compromises. HCI at scale wastes resources in environments that do not need to grow compute and storage in parallel, depleting IT budgets. Many of the less efficient HCI solutions are also reported to have serious performance and resiliency issues at scale, forcing organizations to overprovision.

Customers who have held back deploying traditional HCI have raised concerns over flexibility, performance, and reliability. From recent ESG research, an overwhelming 92% of customer respondents cited independently scaling compute and storage resources was an “important” or “critical” factor in the deployment of HCI for database workloads. This critical capability was not a central design with traditional HCI.  ESG also discovered that cost or TCO issues were among the top 8 reasons for not deploying traditional HCI.

One alternative is to switch to high-performance, three-tier infrastructure, but these solutions also have drawbacks. With multiple components from various independent vendors, the systems can be complex to deploy and manage, and they are notoriously costly and difficult to scale and upgrade. Organizations that don’t keep IT storage specialists on staff are hard pressed just to keep up with daily maintenance tasks.

I want to share a more evolved HCI option with you – a cost-effective, agile approach to infrastructure that’s available today from HPE.

HCI without compromise

IT is increasingly looking to streamline operations, unlock agility, and do more with less. That's precisely why HPE architected HCI platforms that deliver the hyperconverged experience without the limitations of traditional systems. Together with our technology partners, HPE has developed HCI without compromise – spanning both disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI) and hyperconverged solutions.

Our latest solutions deliver unified management and simple, VM-centric operations with improved economics, faster performance, and intelligently simple automation for Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, and beyond.  

Disaggregated HCI for mixed workloads at scale

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI delivers on what today’s customers need with the ability to independently scale resources and in NimbleStorage_dHCI_Alletra.pngsolutions that can be tailored to fit. Built for mixed-workloads at scale, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI unlocks IT agility, while ensuring apps are always-on and always-fast. It’s an effortless experience for anyone with VM-centric and AI-driven operations. It’s ideal for business-critical apps and mixed workloads with 99.9999% of data availability guaranteed and sub-millisecond latency.  According to the ESG Economic Validation report, it lowers cost, eliminating overprovisioning and delivering 2.8X cost savings with flexible, independent scaling of compute and storage. Customers get a better, fitted solution along with an incredible support experience. 

The detailed report explains how dHCI delivers:

  • 2.8x cost savings over traditional HCI
  • 53% lower cost of administration
  • Up to 60% lower cost of acquisition

One customer in the study explains how simple it is to overcome wasteful overprovisioning with the HPE solution: “With dHCI, if we have a sudden need for a large amount of storage, we just bring in another disk shelf and cable it in, instead of having to add ten HCI nodes knowing that the memory and CPU on those nodes will go unused.”

Customers also remarked on how effortless Direct to Level 3 Support can be. One customer commented: “If we have an issue, in like 15 minutes we will have a high-level engineer already engaged with us on a Zoom, compared to past support experiences where we pay a huge amount of money for top-tier support and you are lucky if they call you back in a few hours.”

All-in-one HCI for edge to core

Customers with traditional all-in-one, appliance-based SDS solutions are challenged by lack of built-in data protection and by poor data efficiency across multiple sites. Although Day 0 and Day 1 IT operations are streamlined for them, there’s significant business risk associated with operations on Day 2 and beyond.

As a more intelligent, efficient all-in-one solution, HPE SimpliVity includes built-in data protection, requiring just two nodes for high availability. Policy-based, VM-centric management reduces complexity and lowers overhead for business from edgeHPE Simplivity-380-blog.png to core. Infrastructure and advanced data services are efficiently packed into a single, scalable building block, allowing customers to start small and grow across multiple sites. VMs can easily be moved and/or cloned between sites.

The resilient hyperconverged solution is an ideal choice for edge and ROBO use cases like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Small and midsized businesses in particular rely on the flexibility and simplicity of HPE SimpliVity to support remote workforces. During unprecedented events like the pandemic when rigid infrastructure could bring business to a halt, HPE SimpliVity allowed IT organizations to deploy large numbers of VDI workers in minutes and scale the system out or back without disruption.

As one of the most intelligently simple HCI solutions on the market today, HPE SimpliVity is proven to reduce data center devices by 10:1, achieve 90% capacity savings across production and backup storage, and reduce TCO by collapsing the traditional IT stack.  

The right HCI for your environment

It’s time to get what’s right for your environment, time to deploy a solution that provides significant cost savings, without overprovisioning and without sacrificing scale or performance. There’s no reason to wait: HPE delivers HCI without compromise for every workload. 

Read the full ESG economic report and learn how HPE dHCI and HPE Alletra deliver 2.8X cost savings: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

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