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Activate your data in a hybrid cloud world

Is your business considering a move to hybrid cloud? IT administrators can now achieve greater efficiencies when managing and leveraging data that results from extreme data growth.

activate your data_Blog_shutterstock_728342668.jpgWe’re living in a world where IT administrators are dealing with extreme data growth, with volumes ever-increasing. Being able to efficiently manage this data growth consumes so much time, and some IT administrators are looking to cloud offerings for help. We at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) understand this need, and offer a service called HPE Cloud Volumes that is ideal for IT administrators looking to move to hybrid cloud environments. IT administrators will now be able to achieve efficiency when it comes to data management, and receive all of the benefits of hybrid cloud offerings.

Enterprise-grade cloud storage services

HPE Cloud Volumes provides an enterprise-grade cloud storage services that enables hybrid cloud and enterprise applications to run in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It is as easy to use as native cloud storage, but provides enterprise-grade reliability and features, data mobility between public clouds and on-premises, and global visibility no matter where your data lives. It easily enables hybrid cloud environments without the need or complexity of additional hardware or software.

With HPE Cloud Volumes, IT administrators can run and move any workload from traditional enterprise applications such as databases to backup data between on-premises and public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. And there is more good news to share. Support for Google Cloud Platform will be available soon.

Defying data gravity

Organizations want fluid resources across a hybrid cloud so they can take advantage of the public cloud and on-premise infrastructure. But the effects of “data gravity” keep traditional, business-critical applications on-premise, and modern applications in the cloud. The challenge for IT administrators is that “data gravity” creates resource silos that are difficult to manage and sub-optimal in performance. The big question for many administrators? How do I get what I need with the issue of data gravity?

HPE Cloud Volumes with HPE Nimble Storage defies data gravity and delivers the hybrid cloud experience that organizations like yours need. HPE provides native data mobility to and from the cloud with app-consistent data services that break down the barriers across silos. The combination of HPE Cloud Volumes with HPE Nimble Storage unlocks new use cases, including hybrid cloud for containers, where new container-based applications can be built in the cloud and then easily brought on-premise for production.

Here are a few features that demonstrate how HPE Cloud Volumes allows IT administrators to manage their data in a hybrid cloud:

  • Public cloud services that scale performance & capacity independently and elastically
  • Designed for low latency & high performance
  • Multi-cloud without the headache of data migration
  • Hybrid data mobility & rapid data protection
  • No lock-in, no egress charges
  • Manage on-demand with cloud first APIs & portal

Move your data with ease

Moving data between an on-premise location and the hybrid cloud has now become easier with HPE Cloud Volumes. Containers can help you provide that deployment flexibility when it comes to maintaining data integrity for both on-premise and in the public cloud when data is moved. Containers can also help with reliability when you move data between on-premise and the public cloud.

HPE recently announced the HPE Volume Driver for Kubernetes FlexVolume Plug-in 3.1 to enable customers like you to have the ability to seamlessly migrate their Kubernetes workloads between on-prem and public cloud (Azure Kubernetes Service and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service) using HPE Cloud Volumes.

There are some pretty exciting features for this release:

  • Kubernetes FlexVolume Driver support for HPE Cloud Volumes using Amazon EKS and Azure AKS (1.12/1.13)
  • Managed Docker Volume Plugin (v2) support for HPE Cloud Volume
  • Support for Helm charts to deploy on AKS/EKS, including the Rancher Catalog
  • Automatic configuration and deployment on new nodes added to cluster
  • Uniform experience in deploying apps across on-prem and cloud with a rich feature set
  • Native support for monitoring our driver logs and collection

When it comes to managing your data, HPE has got your back.  HPE Cloud Volumes is here to support your needs, and will continue to grow with you into the future.

For more information on HPE Cloud Volume Services, please check out the following links:

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