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Are you a data innovator, or striving to become one?

IDG researchers surveyed hundreds of senior IT leaders across all industries to get an inside look at their actions and priorities around data. Find out where you land on the Data Innovators Scale.

Are-you-a-data-innovator_blog_shutterstock_162828188.pngData fuels your transformation.

It’s the lifeblood of everything you do, and it is growing and migrating across your company, your industry, and the world at unheard-of rates. As you prepare to unlock the value and agility of the data that propels your business forward, it’s a great time to ask yourself: Are you a data innovator, or striving to become one?

Data innovators, simply put, use their data to grow revenue, increase customer satisfaction, improve operations, and much more. To help businesses and IT navigate these waters and make the move toward using data to accelerate transformation, HPE recently sponsored a survey, which was conducted by IDG. The survey findings, reported in the eBook Are You a Data Innovator?, clearly capture the state of data and the challenges associated with it. The report also uncovers what businesses are doing to unleash the power of their data, which can be even more important for IT organizations undergoing transformation.

One unique insight that was revealed in IDG’s findings was the Data Innovators Scale. In the course of their research, it became clear that businesses were landing in one of three camps – early, intermediate, or advanced. Interestingly, only 25% of companies landed in the 'advanced data innovators’ camp. If you fall – like many others – in the early or intermediate stages, don’t worry. There are some practical steps you can take to move up the data innovator scale.

What does it take to become a data innovator?

First, consider the headwinds you face as you look to unleash the power of your data.

This includes IT complexity, where too much time is spent putting out fires rather than supporting areas that help you innovate. Struggling to bring on new technologies and platforms that your business wants to use to advance. Data, in a hybrid landscape, remains siloed across your on- and off-premises environments, making it difficult to move, access and protect. Then, there’s the ongoing shortage of skills and resources. Those striving to become data innovators will need to identify the right strategies and platforms to overcome these obstacles.

As you make this move to become a data innovator and turn data into competitive advantage, you need not just a strategy, but an intelligent data strategy. Backed with the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE that’s AI-driven, built for cloud and delivered as a service, the data that fuels your transformation can be always on and always fast. Data is agile and free to move, and you’re able to help the business unlock insights that keep you out in front.

Actionable insights you can use to advance

To help you understand what data innovators are doing differently today – and to give you an inside view of their actions and priorities – IDG researchers surveyed hundreds of senior IT leaders across all industries, delving into the state of data and uncovering lessons learned.

The findings are very revealing.

For example, the most data-savvy among the IDG respondents are:

  • Increasing investments in intelligent, flexible infrastructure solutions in the next 3 years
  • Increasing workloads across every type of infrastructure, but especially edge and cloud
  • More likely to recognize that a modern, responsive architecture, such as hyperconverged infrastructure, best supports the ability to generate value from data
  • Investing in capabilities that enable data mobility between sites

IDG’s overall assessment: IT organizations with a sense of urgency and a focus on delivering data to the business are already unlocking value from their data. For those on the early end of the scale, IDG offers recommendations. As noted in this report, “It’s a tall order to be a data innovator, and it’s complex, but it’s not an uncharted path.”

Read the full report to learn best practices, consider where you fit on the Data Innovators Scale, and discover actions you can take to advance your position.

IDG report: Are You a Data Innovator?

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Intelligent Data Platform from HPE.

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Andy DeBernardis, Worldwide Storage Portfolio Marketing Manager, leads the HPE Intelligent Data Platform messaging, strategy, campaign, and content development. Andy has been with HPE for almost 15 years covering worldwide roles including hybrid cloud and software-defined solutions marketing, cloud sales enablement, software partner marketing, and vertical solutions marketing.



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