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My return to HPE a couple of months ago has been a wonderful homecoming. As I’m meeting with customers, I’m excited, humbled, and inspired by their experiences that exemplify how we’re delighting them, collaborating with them, and helping them achieve better business and personal outcomes.HappyStorageCustomers_blog.png

One of our core beliefs is customer delight, and in this blog I’m proud to share a few examples with you. Before going further, here’s one of my favorite examples:

A global manufacturer had an outage on its SAP HANA system. Our support engineer quickly determined that storage was not the cause, but stayed on the phone with the customer for eight hours until the customer’s problem was resolved.  

This is one of my favorites because it embodies the spirit of our focus on delighting customers.

Partnering to enable business outcomes

Collaboration has been a hallmark at HPE. We partner with you to understand your needs and then deliver innovative solutions designed to help you address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. One example of this collaboration is our 18-year relationship with Basefarm, a European IT services provider. We work closely with Basefarm, understanding its market, mission, and challenges while building a storage strategy that delivers results.

One of the latest challenges was Basefarm’s need to scale to meet massive growth while maintaining business continuity. “We knew early on that we needed our storage platform to be more than just a place where data lives,” said Morten Nyhuus-Eriksen, manager of storage and backup at Basefarm. “It’s why we were one of the first customers of 3PAR storage when it became a part of HPE. HPE 3PAR is intelligent storage built for service providers.” He noted that Basefarm now has "70 HPE 3PAR arrays in three countries, providing everything from VMs to backup. It’s our storage platform of choice because it grows with us while delivering mission-critical availability.”

Transforming IT

We’re helping IT to innovate, not administrate. A customer partnership we deeply appreciate is Ferrara Candy Company. HPE Nimble Storage has helped shrink storage administration at Ferrara Candy Company from 20-to-30 hours a week down to just 10-to-15 minutes. That’s incredible. These savings are enabling the storage team there to focus on transforming business. “I can honestly say, I have NEVER had a SAN upgrade be that easy or go that smoothly.  The more I dig into the product base, the more I wonder how we ever did storage administration before Nimble!” said Stefan Floyhar, senior manager, IT infrastructure engineering at the Ferrara Candy Company.

Transforming lives

The most gratifying is how we’re helping our customers transform their lives. We hear over and over again that using our storage technology helps IT professionals (like you) live their lives. Gone are the days when a troubleshooting problem consumed your weekend, or a system upgrade took over your holiday. We recently heard from Jose Antonio Cervera Flores, IT technical director for the Government of Quintana Roo.  Speaking about his HPE 3PAR storage, he said, “Reliable technology allows my team and me to take vacation time.” Hopefully you are taking some too!

Appreciating our customers

Built on the backbone of customer delight, we are proud and humbled by the recent wave of appreciation from customers and analysts. Thanks to our customers for trusting us to help solve their business and data challenges. We appreciate their trust, honesty, and business.

We would love to have the opportunity to delight you!

Continuing our conversation

Here’s the podcast I recently recorded with Calvin, where I talk more about how we are committed to delighting our customers.

(Note the podcast will open in a new window. To subscribe to the podcast, open this link and click on the "View in iTunes" button . You can also find the ATSB podcast on, Google Play MusicSpotify Podcast, and Stitcher!)

Sandeep Singh
Vice President, Storage Marketing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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