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Best use cases for HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System


By Bill Johnson, Senior Manager, Product Management, HP Storage


I last blogged about 10 reasons to consider HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System. Now let’s get more specific with answers to these questions around when you should choose  RDX for a fast, smart and reliable data backup solution ideal for single-server businesses, whatever your industry.



Why choose RDX?

Consider these compelling reasons:

  • 25-40% lower TCO – Compare RDX with expensive manual intervention for  older tape technologies (maintenance, media rotation, media replacement, labeling), backup verifications/reruns.
  • Less exposure to wear and tear – The RDX  interface between drive head and media means no media or drive wear, no head/media track alignment issues and no debris build-up – plus protection against static discharge.
  • 1000x more durable – RDX is connector specified for 5,000 load/unload cycles (insert, backup, eject) compared with 50 for DAT media.
  • More resilient to dust and humidity – RDX has superior dust specifications and environmental robustness compared to tape and has passed rigorous OEM tests.

RDX table2.jpg


Why choose RDX over an external desktop HDD?

RDX is:

  • Static-free – Embedded SATA connector protects the drive from the electrostatic events that make ordinary USB-connected HDDs – even the so-called “rugged” ones- vulnerable.
  • Vibration-resistant – Custom-designed inner buffers ensure read/write performance is not affected by vibration during drive operation.
  • Shock-resistant – Count on better performance in drop tests than almost all external HDDs.
  • Reliable backups – With RDX you get managed media rotation and automatic, scheduled backups via a separate drive.
  • Long archival life – At least ten years’ archival life with RDX supports statutory compliance requirements.

Why choose RDX over cloud for backup and archive?

The cloud is perfect for collaborating with business partners, making it quick and convenient to share files over the Internet. But for long-term, bulk data archives, you’re better off with RDX, because:

  • You can backup and restore everything.
  • It works fast.
  • It lets you keep control of your data.

Why just take our word for it?

Our small and midsize business customers are sharing their positive RDX backup experiences. For example, it took John Mayfield over two months to recover from a  computer crash that obliterated all of the computer data from his long-time real estate business. Today, John uses a number of backup options, including the cloud. But for complete peace of mind, John relies on HP RDX. This RDX case study offers more reasons why.


And Dr. Nancy Kahle says, “The key advantages for me are that HP RDX is automated, easy to use and allows me to be HIPAA compliant with the least amount of time, energy, or expense. And I know that whenever I need to look up patient information, I can do it right away and be sure I am offering my patients the most informed treatments.”  Read the complete Kahle Chiropractic Clinic case study.


Learn more about RDX

Get complete details on the HP RDX Removable Disk System here:

Or download the HP RDX data sheet PDF





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