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Better Together: Coffee & Doughnuts. 3PAR & Nimble Storage. Gartner MQs & Critical Capabilities.



Take a look at the recent Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Solid-State Arrays and see how HPE and Nimble Storage were scored. Definitely a powerful combination. 


Gartner CC_storage SSAs_better together_blog.jpgGreat things seem to always come in pairs. And this month was no different.

Gartner’s recently published Critical Capabilities (CC) Report for Solid-State Arrays (SSAs) comes at a time SSAs are truly becoming mainstream. Not only are SSAs delivering on the promise of low response times and high performance, but are also proving to be at least as reliable as traditional HDD arrays. Costs have reduced to the point SSAs are easily justifiable for most primary workloads, aided by flash density gains and the broad adoption of data reduction technologies such as inline deduplication and compression.  In past posts we’ve highlighted the importance of features that go "beyond the box" now that we are in this third-wave of flash adoption.

As proof, it’s worth noting the sheer breadth of options highlighted in this year’s report—with no fewer than 19 products were evaluated using a combination of vendor surveys and customer interviews. Not only that, fewer vendors than ever before are niche players. As Jorge Maestre noted in his blog about the recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant, the Leader’s quadrant is getting fairly crowded.

How then would one go about shortlisting SSA products to evaluate?

Gartner’s CC report scored all products across 5 use cases (such as server consolidation, transaction processing), as well as 7 product criteria (such as scalability or manageability). We at HPE are delighted with the results of our SSAs in this respected report. Both HPE 3PAR and Nimble Storage AF products were evaluated – and I believe the report is clear validation of HPE’s SSA portfolio.

Here’s a great example of how the HPE products were scored:Garnter Critical Capabilities SSAs July 2017.jpgWhen looking across use cases and core product attributes, HPE all-flash array products scored among the top 3 in all 5 cases and was highest outright in no fewer than 2 out of 5 use cases

In my opinion, this means that regardless of workload, we have one of the best rated SSAs optimized for its requirements.

When you consider that this compelling SSA portfolio is backed by HPE’s market-leading global presence—with product lines spanning servers, converged solutions and our broad storage portfolio, you can see why HPE is such a compelling partner for enterprises looking to meet a full spectrum of storage needs.

Read the complete Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Solid-State Arrays. (Registration is required to download the report.)

Ajay Singh Nimble Storage HPE.jpg

 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Ajay Singh, Vice President, Product Management, Nimble Storage.




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But where is the link to full report?:)



The link to the complete report is now availabile: Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Solid-State Arrays. Registration is required to download.

Thank you!

-Around the Storage Block Managing Editor

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