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Better and Better: New Features for the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale Tape Libraries



Just when you thought HPE tape storage couldn’t get any better—HPE just released new features for the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale enterprise tape libraries. You can now choose from:  LTO and TS11xx mixed media configurations for the HPE TFinity ExaScale, increased storage capacity using new TS1155 drives and media, additional encryption options for added security, and a range of accessories for your data center setup.  

HPE_TFinityWallpaper_400x267.jpgDespite contrary belief, tape is still one of the most cost-effective backup choices for many organizations worldwide—with the latest LTO shipment figures showing a record 96,000PB total compressed tape capacity was shipped in 2016.

Exponential data growth across a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, education and government—combined with rising demands for digital video surveillance, higher quality content types and regulatory compliance requirements—all contribute to the popularity of tape remaining as a steadfast part of many businesses’ tiered backup solutions.

In recognition of these market demands, HPE announced in December 2016 a new partnership with Spectra Logic to deliver two new enterprise tape libraries to the market. The HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale tape libraries provide you with a reliable and affordable tape storage solution that makes data storage easier, more manageable and more economical, regardless of the amount of data that needs to be archived. This clearly resonates with many big data and high performance computing (HPC) users who benefit from the libraries impressive storage density, exceptional reliability and extreme power efficiency.  

To add to this already feature set, as of June 5, the HPE TFinity ExaScale now supports LTO and TS11xx mixed media in a single library. Both libraries now offer increased storage capacities (HPE T950 up to 285.5PB^ and TFinity ExaScale up to 1.52EB^ using TS1155 drives and media), as well as additional encryption capabilities to protect data for users with the most complex requirements.

Mixed media support

HPE now supports both LTO and IBM’s TS11xx tape media and drives in the TFinity ExaScale tape library. This mixed-media capability offers unmatched innovation and is great news for companies looking to balance cost and performance. Both types of tape technologies can run in parallel, in separate partitions, within the same tape library. This provides cost savings, and enables users to migrate between different media technologies within the same library. Mixed media support allows users to deploy the most appropriate tape technology to meet the demands of their specific backup and archive needs.

TS1155 enterprise drive technology

With TS1155 drive support now available for both the HPE T950 and TFinity ExaScale libraries and a 50% increase in total cartridge capacity (up to 15TB native, 37.5TB compressed) compared with the TS1150, customers can store and retain more data for longer and for less, without increasing their overall data center footprint. This considerable increase in capacity means that the HPE T950 is now capable of storing up to 285.5PB^  of data, while the TFinity ExaScale can now store up to 1.52EB^  of data using TS1155 tape technology!

Reduce risk: archive and protect your data

With the recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack, cyber threats are back in the forefront of every IT department’s list of priorities and concerns. However, the reality is though, that companies have always been under threat of malicious cyberattacks, viruses and ransomware, and should constantly be looking for ways to better protect their valuable data. If users have concerns about security, tape is the best protection against cyberattack.  By definition, tape is nonvolatile and static, so hackers cannot write a virus that corrupts the data. Since tape is immune to the viruses that other storage mediums are subject to, tape also ensures that users can recover their data in the event of an attack. One method of safeguarding data is to make use of encryption management tools.

In addition to HPE’s Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) (which uses industry-standard KMIP protocol with a secure centralized encryption key management solution for LTO-7 and LTO-6), to provide strong auditable security and reliable lifetime key archival. From June 5, both the T950 and TFinity ExaScale libraries will now ship with the option for BlueScale® Professional Encryption and IBM SKLM® key server support.

BlueScale Professional Encryption licenses generate and manage up to 30 encryption keys on a tape library, without the need for external encryption software or an external server. This encryption offering is secure and easy-to-use, and provides integrated encryption key management through the tape library’s user interface. Alternatively, in instances where users have more complex and extensive encryption requirements, HPE now offers support for SKLM key server software and licenses which provides organizations that have more complex and extensive encryption requirements, with a centralized and redundant key management solution.

HPE Tape Solutions for allHPE Tape Portfolio.jpgAs we continue to witness strong market demand for tape storage as an effective and affordable enterprise storage solution for long-term retention and archive, HPE offers a complete tape portfolio spanning entry through mid-range and enterprise to accommodate the needs of all customer environments, however big or small.  Together with the additional features that have been added to the enterprise tape library offerings, it’s now even easier for you to retain your data for longer and for less

Both the HPE T950 and TFinity ExaScale libraries are available for purchase directly from HPE. Find more information and additional library features here:

^ 2.5:1 compression ratio using TS1155 tape technology

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