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Breaking down AI-driven operations: HPE InfoSight simplifies IT operations across infrastructure


At HPE, we are using AI to solve the decades’ old problem of managing infrastructure. At Discover Madrid 2018, we made significant announcements and showed demos on how we’re using technology to drive forward into 2019 and beyond.

Before 2018 wraps up, I want to take a minute to reflect on the recent HPE Discover event in Madrid. The energy and excitement was remarkable. Antonio Neri, the President & CEO of HPE, set the tone with the opening keynote on how the digital transformation is changing all industries in a hyper-connected world and the energy lasted to the very last session.

Milan Shetti, GM of the Storage and Big Data business at HPE, revealed a vision to deploy Artificial Intelligence across the Hybrid Cloud world during his keynote. Milan showcased the blueprint Milan Shetti discussing the three pillars of intelligent storage.Milan Shetti discussing the three pillars of intelligent storage.of intelligent storage and how customers can unlock the full potential of their data. In this new digital transformation, Milan stated that storage is no longer a destination, but the custodian of data. This new strategy is built on HPE InfoSight, a SaaS based management platform driven by Artificial Intelligence. InfoSight is the future of AIOps and HPE is paving the way towards the vision of autonomous infrastructure.

Insights into HPE InfoSight

Milan covered three big announcements for InfoSight and how HPE is delivering on the promise of intelligent storage.

  1. Cross-stack Recommendations: Optimize virtual machine performance and brings AI-Driven operations to compute. HPE is the only vendor in the industry who has a full-stack recommendation engine built by AI
  2. Resource Planner: Delivers customizable prescriptive analysis and modeling of future workload needs for HPE Nimble Storage
  3. Performance Insights: Extend real-time analysis to sites with restricted access to the cloud for HPE 3PAR Storage

To learn more about these new features, check out our announcement to see the next generation of HPE InfoSight, powered by artificial intelligence.

Milan was accompanied on stage by Patrick Osbourne, VP & GM of Big Data & Secondary Storage at HPE, who showcased two examples of how InfoSight can drive actioPatrick Osbourne walking the audience through how to deploy InfoSight for two common management problems.Patrick Osbourne walking the audience through how to deploy InfoSight for two common management problems.nable infrastructure management solutions. (This section of the keynote video starts at 34:46.) In the first scenario, the customer was running HPE 3PAR for its mission-critical SAP HANA application as well as their VDI environment. A major VDI performance issue was affecting its business and traditional approaches to diagnosis had proved unsuccessful. Continuing these efforts to mitigate the problem would have required a large investment in human capital and the purchase of additional storage. However, using InfoSight Cross-Stack Analytics, the customer was able to identify the root cause of the problem in just minutes: a rogue VM, thereby saving both time and money.

In the second scenario, Patrick described a situation where an error in a Linux OS library was causing storage systems across the industry to crash and reboot. Fortunately, this customer was running this application on HPE Nimble Storage. HPE was able to leverage InfoSight’s decade of infrastructure behavior to proactively identify the potential problem and send the customer a remediation plan. Other vendors lack the rich history of data needed to create the fingerprint and so hadn’t been able to isolate the problem. In both situations, InfoSight solved the customer’s problem quickly and simply and showed the true power of its end-to-end solution to predict performance and provide support automation.

To dive deeper into the technical aspects of the demo visit our technical blogs: Cross Stack Analytics and Pro-Active Support.

Hybrid cloud is here to stay and is made intelligent by InfoSight. How are you embracing AI to simplify your infrastructure? To get started on your AI transformation journey contact our sales team.

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MKatie Fritsch_HPE.pngeet Around the Storage Block blogger Katie Fritsch, Marketing Manager for InfoSight, HPE. Katie most recently led the marketing for the deep learning startup, Nervana Systems, up untili its acquisition by Intel in 2016. Previously, she was the Global Leverage partner for Palantir Technologies, and the first user experience data analyst for the autonomous vehicle project at Google X.

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