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Bringing calm to the IT administrator’s always-on world: HPE StoreVirtual and Veeam backup


jessica.jpgBy Jessica Burton, Marketing Manager, HPE Software-Defined Storage

Many of us would agree that cities like London, New York City and Tokyo never sleep. But in truth, the large cities aren’t the only places laying claim to the “always-on” and “always connected” environment.

Global 24/7 business operations are the norm for many small and large organizations that must meet the growing demands of e-commerce, global supply chains and product/service support.  Adding to the pressure IT is feeling to maintain real-time availability is the increasing number of workloads that are labeled mission-critical—where intermittent data availability interruptions can have significant economic impacts, ranging from decreased worker productivity to long-term brand damage, legal exposure and revenue losses. 

at_night_shutterstock_363736346_22Jan_blog_size.jpgRelax. Backup and availability needs met.

If your organization operates around the clock, robust backup and enterprise data availability are top of mind. Linking primary, secondary and backup in a tightly integrated architecture makes the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Veeam partnership a natural fit to meet your increasingly complex backup and availability needs. Thanks to our technical collaboration with Veeam, IT administrators can mitigate against data loss, regardless of deployment uses cases ranging from traditional enterprise-class data centers, remote locations, or departments. 

When Veeam’s backup software is paired with HPE StoreVirtual storage, you can automatically take advantage of:

  • Complete visibility along with proactive monitoring of StoreVirtual backups
  • Simple instant VM recovery for fast RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives)
  • Easy and fast recovery from snapshots
  • Tiered data protection and data replication with WAN acceleration

Our collaboration with Veeam has turned backup from a siloed, manual-based process into an interconnected set of automated processes—one that promotes availability and ensures secure, reliable access to mission critical systems and applications. In fact, it’s simple enough for even an IT generalist to deploy and manage.

This alone should bring any IT administrator a few hours of calmness in our non-stop world.

To learn more about Veeam backup software with HPE StoreVirtual, check outs these docs attached below:

About the Author


I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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