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By migrating VDI to HPE SimpliVity, large law firm keeps its modern IT edge


Kirton McConkie hyperconverged VDI.pngAward-winning Kirton McConkie is Utah’s largest law firm, with 150+ lawyers servicing a global clientele. The firm is future-forward in terms of incorporating technology and was an early adopter of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The firm’s VDI environment wasn’t performing poorly, but was five years old and due for a refresh. However, it was hosted on a platform built by V3 Systems, which shut its doors in 2014, eliminating the possibility of upgrades. The old platform also lacked modern capabilities, such as deduplication and compression. That meant the firm wasn’t backing up its VMs, and disaster recovery was siloed to a separate EVault system.

To stay on the technical leading edge of law firms, Kirton McConkie needed an upgrade.

Reliable HPE servers clinch the deal

The firm’s IT director, David Clark, worked with his VALCOM rep to research options. One thing was a must: Clark was committed to hosting his new solution on HPE servers.

Clark had seen a demo of SimpliVity hyperconverged solutions prior to the HPE purchase and was impressed, but hesitated because back then the solution was only compatible with non-HPE hardware. All that changed, however, after HPE’s acquisition of SimpliVity.

“I’ve been an HPE server guy for 30 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of HPE servers and never had a major issue with any of them. I was really excited to hear that SimpliVity was going to the HPE platform,” says Clark.

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Preparing for the future

Kirton McConkie is only using HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel® to host its VDI right now, but Clark is already thinking about how he can take advantage of the solution’s other advanced capabilities. At the moment, though, Clark is focused on ensuring smooth adoption of the updated VDI, and enjoying his increased capacity. Future plans include purchasing two more HPE SimpliVity nodes to start migrating backups from the main office to a satellite office.

“What HPE SimpliVity has done for us in the 3 to 4 months we’ve had it running has proven that it’s just great technology,” says Clark.

To learn more details about how Kirton McConkie is using HPE SimpliVity, read the full case study. To learn more about hyperconverged infrastructure, check out the e-book Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.

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