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Close the SLA gap with HPE hyperconverged infrastructure and Veeam data protection

IT organizations no longer have to cope with complex, piecemeal solutions to keep business data accessible. A modern, hyperconverged data protection solution from HPE and Veeam can close the SLA gap, protecting businesses from data loss and downtime.

HPE-hyperconverged-infrastructure_Veeam-data-protection_blog_shutterstock_343824629.pngA recent survey by ESG has uncovered what they call an “SLA gap” when it comes to data protection. Out of the nearly 670 global IT and business professionals surveyed, only 22% reported always meeting recovery objectives, with 33% saying they sometimes or rarely meet them. If your IT organization is in a similar position, you know how important it is to address this gap to keep business data available, especially in the face of increasing data growth and cyber threats.

Data has never been more important to business than it is today. Businesses demand fresh data and systems for emerging applications and use cases, with little to no tolerance for downtime or lost data. A major shift in where data and apps are consumed – in remote labs, vehicle consoles, and mobile devices in employee and customer hands – is causing an increased demand for data mobility. This migration from datacenter to edge creates more vulnerability, and more opportunities for data loss and cyberattacks, challenging IT organizations to find new ways to protect data.

Data growth and digital transformation pose formidable data management and cost challenges for IT organizations as well. Infrastructures are undoubtedly getting more and more complex. In fact, three-quarters of surveyed organizations believe IT complexity has increased over the past two years, driving up management costs and requiring specialists with deep domain expertise across multiple areas to maintain IT systems.

Flexible hyperconverged infrastructure solutions keep data available

Fortunately, IT organizations no longer have to maintain complex, piecemeal solutions to keep business data accessible. HPE hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions are reliable, flexible, simple to manage, and tightly integrated with data protection offerings from technology partners such as Veeam. A modern data protection solution from HPE and Veeam can close the SLA gap, protecting your business from data loss and downtime, and extending beyond simple backup and recovery to optimized operational efficiency.

Veeam's integration with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and HPE SimpliVity provide data mobility in a hyperconverged environment satisfying stringent RPOs and RTOs from edge to core to cloud. HPE hyperconverged infrastructure radically simplifies VM management so everything can be managed directly from the VMware vCenter user interface. Policy-based management and AI optimized operations ensure that end-user applications have the resources they need, even with unpredictable workloads. All these features let your IT teams maximize agility for all business workloads. 

HPE SimpliVity and Veeam

For enterprise edge or ROBO deployments, HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure is a compact, scalable, intelligent platform that’s proven to be cost-effective. HPE SimpliVity can be deployed and upgraded in minutes and easily managed remotely. The all-in-one HCI solution provides unmatched data efficiency in a small footprint with cloud connected capabilities that simplify hybrid cloud environments. 

Although HPE SimpliVity has its own built-in data protection features, many customers choose Veeam for additional protection in specific use cases. For example, if you need to: 

  • Protect data and workloads in the cloud
  • Protect data and workloads across heterogenous IT infrastructure
  • Flexibly store data for long term “archival retention” leveraging cloud, tape, or managed service providers
  • Perform high-speed recovery of specific files or application items in case of data loss
  • Improve recovery times and recovery points (RTOs and RPOs) for application-consistent backups

Starting with just two HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged nodes and Veeam Backup & Replication software, you can deploy a data protection solution that keeps edge data accessible and simple to manage. A third hyperconverged node (offsite) provides disaster recovery capabilities. You can select backup targets and scale the solution to match your business requirements – and your distributed data is protected.

Veeam-extends_HPE-SimpliVity_data-protection 1.png

If you are looking for cost optimized storage, HPE StoreOnce backup appliance is a popular backup target option, with its aggressive data reduction capabilities and low cost per terabyte. StoreOnce customers have the additional option of sending the deduplicated backups to HPE Cloud Volumes Backup for storing in the cloud. 

If you plan to reuse backup data for other workloads, consider HPE Nimble Adaptive Flash storage which lets you leverage secondary storage for DevOps, DevTest, and similar workloads. For balanced price and performance within a single infrastructure for both backup processing and storage, Apollo 4200 or 4510s are excellent choices.

HPE Nimble dHCI Storage and Veeam

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI has the power and features to support previously under-served workloads in commercial and enterprise deployments. Traditional converged infrastructures offer flexible scaling, but deployment and management are complex. Disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI) provides the flexibility of converged infrastructure with the simplicity of HCI. Designed for business-critical applications and unpredictable workloads, dHCI can independently scale compute and storage non-disruptively, while still providing the ease-of-use of being managed from within the VMware vCenter UI. 

The ability to independently scale compute and storage makes dHCI ideal for consolidation of unpredictable workloads. As you add more workloads, you can independently add compute or storage as needed. And, just like HPE SimpliVity, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is tightly integrated with Veeam, allowing you to choose backup targets aligned to business needs.

HPE-Nimble-dHCI_data-protection_Veeam 2.png

Protect your data wherever it lives

At the end of day, HPE and Veeam can help you close the SLA gap and turn the challenges of data dependency into the benefits of a data-driven organization, regardless of where your data lives. For data at the edge, Veeam extends the data protection capabilities of HPE SimpliVity. In the datacenter, Veeam’s integration with HPE Nimble dHCI Storage expands the flexible backup choices that are available for vSphere environments, delivering fast granular restore and sandboxing for DevOps.

Veeam orchestrates backup data movement across HPE primary, secondary, and cloud storage to deliver on a complete 3-2-1 data protection strategy which scales as your environment scales. In HPE hyperconverged solutions, Veeam Backup & Replication provides availability for cloud, virtual, Kubernetes and physical workloads. The simple management console lets you back up, archive, recover, and replicate data quickly, flexibly, and reliably.

Combining the backup and recovery features of Veeam Backup & Replication with the monitoring, reporting and analytics capabilities of Veeam ONE, Veeam Availability Suite bundles backup, replication, and monitoring in a single package. The software bundle provides data availability, visibility, analytics, and governance across hybrid cloud environments.

Recently, I sat down with Christophe Bertrand of ESG and my colleague Chris Donohoe of Veeam to discuss threats to business data, the challenges customers face, and the architecture and performance of our integrated solutions. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how modern data protection solutions from HPE and Veeam can boost productivity.

Want to know ESG’s top 5 requirements for modern data protection infrastructures? You’ll find them in this ESG Showcase paper.


Parissa-M.jpgParissa Mohamadi, a solution product manager in the HPE Storage organization, leads sales enablement and go-to-market efforts for HPE storage data protection solutions for key workloads (SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, VMware) as well as for backup/recovery software such as Veeam and Commvault. She also leads solutions for Containers and Big Data Analytics.

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