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Customer delight and empathy drive next wave of consumer-grade mobile solutions from InfoSight

HPE InfoSIght_mobile app_blog.jpgIntroducing the HPE InfoSight mobile app, designed to meet the needs of our customers.

The explosion of mobile apps, network security, and connectivity has changed the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. Enterprise companies use smartphones and the latest tech gadgets in the workplace to keep up with the competition.

The traditional 9-to-5 work day doesn’t exist in a technology-first world. Mobile devices allow us to work even when we’re not at “work,” making flexible working the new normal. We want a seamless user experience when we change from desktop to mobile app. We expect the same ease-of use and simplicity in our enterprise apps as we do with our consumer social networks like Facebook and Uber. The need for the consumerization of IT in the enterprise is apparent. HPE built the InfoSight app to meet the needs of our customers.

The InfoSight app delivers a world-class, consumer-grade mobile experience for IT admins powered by AI-driven predictive analytics to stay on top of infrastructure issues. Designed as a companion app to the web portal, the app helps users to get alert notifications, see the issues on the dashboard at a glance and collaborate with team members.Image2.png

HPE InfoSight mobile app key features

  • Easy login with InfoSight credentials and Face ID
  • Exception based dashboard indicates system health, performance, capacity and data protection
  • Alert notifications with AI-powered recommendations and knowledge articles
  • Create, edit, and respond to support cases on the go
  • Collaborate with team members directly where and when it matters most
  • Modern design on par with consumer apps using Design Thinking process


Push notifications allow users to stay on top of issues even when not logged into the device. The user is always in control and can select which arrays, alerts or case notifications they want to receiveImage5.png

Easy drill down from dashboard to alert details   

The dashboard gives an at-a-glance summary view of exceptions in the environment. Users can drill down to see alert details, AI-powered performance recommendations, and knowledge articles for the alert to take quick actions like Acknowledge and Share.InfoSightMobile 1.png

Integrated customer support

Cases list displays all open cases by default. Customers can easily get the status and resolution of their cases. They can view case details and take actions to acknowledge and resolve a case. It is easy to create a case even when away from your desk.InforSight mobile 2.png

Leveraging built-in phone capabilities 

Sharing alert and case details via Slack or any other mobile apps is easy using native behaviors. Now you can get help for emergency with 1-click to dial support. A smart phone makes it easy to attach images to a case using the phone camera and replying to comments on the go.Image.png

Customer feedback

To deliver emotionally engaging product experiences, we formed a tight partnership between user experience, product management, and development teams. Feedback sessions with customers included empathy interviews, two rounds of usability studies a month-long beta program to improve the product quality. Here’s what happy customers are saying.HPE InfoSight_quote 2.png


HPE InfoSight app_quote 1.pngThe HPE InfoSight mobile app is available now for download on the iTune App Store

The HPE InfoSight mobile app received excellent reviews in the Apple iTune App Store within days of launch by keeping the customer front and center and designing for delight. This is the first mobile app developed and shipped from HPE Nimble Storage and is available on iOS only. Future releases of the app will be extended to include Android, 3PAR,  and others. Download the HPE InfoSight mobile app

Sulekha Kuthiala_HPE.pngMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Sulekha Kuthiala, leading the UX Innovation and Outreach team for HPE Storage and Hybrid IT. Sulekha is focused on making our products simple and user friendly, with an emphasis on consumer-grade and unified experiences for our customers. Sulekha was responsible for leading the product design for the first mobile app for HPE Infosight from concept to delivery. She also helps teams to leverage a Design Thinking process to deliver customer delight. Sulekha has 18+ years design experience in top companies like Cisco, WebEx, Intuit, eBay, and Oracle.

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