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Customers extend HPE SimpliVity efficiency and data protection with Veeam Data Availability

The data protection features native to HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure can be extended effectively with Veeam in 5 specific use cases. Two customers who have taken advantage of the joint technology solution share stories of increased efficiency, data protection, and fast file retrieval.

SimpliVity-Veeam_DR_use-cases-blog.jpgI keep hearing from customers that they’re passionate about HPE SimpliVity. Why? Because the all-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers built-in intelligence, it’s easily scalable, and – best of all – it’s guaranteed to be simple and efficient. 

Customers also love the built-in data protection features. As a matter of fact, HPE SimpliVity is architected for resiliency, continually protecting your data and letting you revert to backups if anything goes wrong. Redundancy inside each hyperconverged node protects your application data against hardware failure, and redundancy across the cluster protects against the loss of a node. HPE SimpliVity can even protect your data against the failure of an entire site in case of a power outage, flood, fire, or other disaster.

At the virtual machine (VM) level, HPE SimpliVity is practically magical. After an incident, critical data can be available again in a few mouse clicks, with minimal impact to the business. The HPE hyperconverged solution can restore a 1TB VM in under a minute, and its built-in data services can provide hyper-fast recovery from ransomware attacks. 

Five top scenarios for extending data protection with Veeam

There are some use cases that call for more granular restore, and in those cases many customers choose the Veeam Availability Suite. The joint HPE plus Veeam solution extends the HCI’s native data protection features, allowing specific items inside the VM to be restored.   

Customers have been integrating technology partner solutions into HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged environments for many years now. While I hear about all sorts of different deployment scenarios, these five specific use cases come up repeatedly as the most successful ways to extend data protection with Veeam in your HPE SimpliVity infrastructure:

  • Supporting mixed environments
  • Extending backups to cloud
  • Moving backups from HPE SimpliVity HCI to long term archive
  • Making app-aware backups beyond HPE SimpliVity’s SQL server ability
  • Providing granular restore beyond HPE SimpliVity’s file level recovery 

IT organizations that integrate Veeam with the hyperconverged platform continue to get the same unique HPE SimpliVity business outcomes, from near-instantaneous backup and restore operations to guaranteed 10:1 data efficiency that can significantly reduce cost and datacenter footprint.

High speed, high availability hyperconverged infrastructure

I never get tired of hearing what a difference the combined HCI solution makes when it comes to data management and protection. Some organizations like International City Management Association (ICMA) in the U.S. and Thames Valley Housing Authority in the U.K. have completely transformed their IT environments.

John Cook, Director of Technology Operations at ICMA, understands the importance of business continuity and fast, reliable data migration when building infrastructure for the future. “Our existing IT infrastructure of blades and storage wasn't designed for fast disaster recovery,” he explains. “Offsite server and file recovery had a nine-hour data lag… We needed IT excellence.” His organization made the change to HPE SimpliVity.

“Previously, we had dealt with a hodge-podge of vendors... After a lot of research, time spent studying options, and a lot of elbow grease, it was HPE SimpliVity that rose to the top of the hill.” Implementation went smoothly. Using Veeam software: “We easily migrated our VMs from the old infrastructure to the new one… Once we were up and running, the results for our end-users were fantastic: Every application ran twice as fast.”

Junaid Ali, Director of IT at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Authority, believes IT plays an important role in innovation for the collective good. His legacy infrastructure was unreliable, it had a large datacenter footprint and was consuming too much power. Ali loves the push-button simplicity of the new HPE SimpliVity and Veeam solution, not to mention the higher data availability and security, and the much lower cost. His before-and-after story says it all:

HPE-SimpliVity-Thames-Valley-Housing.jpg“Recently, one of our teams asked for a server with a terabyte of storage, and I immediately signed off on it. A few years ago, I would have needed to sit down and write up a use case, perform a cost analysis, and remap our network to accommodate the new hardware. Now, all I have to do is push a button.

We also don’t need emergency servers anymore. We used to keep a few powered-down servers as reserves. We mirrored our systems onto them, and we would switch them on when one of our physical servers failed. HPE SimpliVity allows us to spin up cloned VMs in a matter of seconds.

The combination of HPE SimpliVity and Veeam has reduced the time spent retrieving files from days to minutes. It has also reduced server maintenance to a minimum. Everything just works. When there is an issue, HPE SimpliVity’s built-in diagnostic functions trigger an alarm before it escalates into something catastrophic.”

Powerful words. And speaking of power, Veeam just introduced their latest, most feature-rich release yet – v10.  It’s available today, and that’s one more reason to choose Veeam to extend the value of your HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solution. 

Invest in the future of your datacenter

An investment in HPE SimpliVity and Veeam is an investment in our strategic alliance. Stay tuned for innovations that continue to deliver unmatched data efficiency, intelligent management, and business outcomes you would expect from two technology powerhouses (hint, hint).

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