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Customers share their rave reviews of HPE SimpliVity with Gartner Peer Insights


GPI SVT reviews.jpgHPE SimpliVity is the fast, simple, and efficient hyperconverged appliance that combines IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution. HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel®, is the only hyperconverged offering for virtualized environments that comes with the HyperGuarantee, a performance guarantee backing up the simplicity, efficiency, and power of HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged technology.

Recently, Gartner Peer Insights assembled a collection of HPE SimpliVity customer reviews. Below is a snapshot of what customers are saying:

The product was easy to install and helped me a lot with my migration and hardware refresh.

-- Consultant, Services industry

Support has been excellent. Great partner relationships for technical expertise, great product. HPE SimpliVity has made my work day so much better and more productive. I can show someone how to use it in a couple of hours and they can be self-sufficient. Very intuitive. Fits very well with VMware.

-- IT Manager, Manufacturing industry

Very nice product. Very easy to use and setup. We have gained back a lot of time and resources by implementing this product. It integrates nicely with the virtual environment

-- Systems Analyst, Energy and Utilities industry

Great value for the money. It saved the overall Capex outflow, it simplified the virtual machine clutter and eased our management efforts. It also paved the path for the DR site and simplified the backup process.

-- Director

My experience with HPE SimpliVity was very good, easy to use, few new things to learn, amazing use of disk space, high rates of compress and dedupe, easy to migrate because I was VMware user. A very useful backup software suite. I am really satisfied whit this product.

-- Infrastructure and Operations, Retail industry

The real life performance is really as fast as it is in a demo. Restoring a backup really is that fast!

-- Instructor, Education industry

Implementation went as expected with no notable hiccups. The process to get installed was done with support on the line, and plenty of documentation outlining every step was available. Getting VM's onto the new system also went very well, as we were able to share the HPE SimpliVity storage with the legacy environment. This allowed us to stage the VM data on HPE SimpliVity and then quickly move them over during our scheduled outage.

-- Manager, Corporate IT Infrastructure

Love HPE SimpliVity! I would recommend it highly to anyone! It has saved our company time and money far beyond our first thoughts. It’s like a set it and almost forget it product. I have been able to move onto other projects without worrying about my server performance. I wish I had bought it sooner.

-- Systems Administrator, Construction industry

Great product! It helped save storage space and rack space in our server room. It is very easy to manage, and a must if you want to consolidate rack space.

-- Systems Analyst, Energy and Utilities industry

These are just a small snapshot of the rave reviews customers are giving HPE SimpliVity. To read more HPE SimpliVity customer reviews, visit the Gartner Peer Insights review page. To learn more about how hyperconverged can simplify your datacenter, download the free e-book, Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.


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