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Customers share their rave reviews of HPE SimpliVity with Gartner Peer Insights


HPE SimpliVity is the fast, simple, and efficient hyperconverged appliance that combines IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution. HPE SimpliVity is the only hyperconverged offering for virtualized environments that comes with the HyperGuarantee, a performance guarantee backing up the simplicity, efficiency, and power of HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged technology..

Recently, Gartner Peer Insights assembled a collection of HPE SimpliVity customer reviews. Below is a snapshot of what customers are saying:

Simply the fastest and most effective HCI solution”


“Easy smooth implementation, speed and end user experience enhanced”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“HPE SimpliVity an awesome HCI product in the industry.”

-Supply Chain

“Good product & services as well ”

-Sales and Marketing

“HPE SimpliVity enabling us to work smarter and not harder”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“Successful implementation of hyperconvergence”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“Fantastic platform that could use improved implementation”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“Implementation and use are fantastic”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“Implementation going well…”

-Infrastructure and Operations

“Simple to manage…”

-Other CxO


These are just a small snapshot of the rave reviews customers are giving HPE SimpliVity. To read more HPE SimpliVity customer reviews, visit the Gartner Peer Insights review page. To learn more about how hyperconverged can simplify your datacenter, download the free e-book, Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.




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