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Data and security: the ultimate balancing act


The power of data is going to significantly change the AI landscape and the capabilities of HPE InfoSight to manage your complex hybrid cloud world. Two new technical white papers help you learn how to keep data safe.

Data and security_balancing act_blog.jpgWe are in a new era, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are transforming the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. The rapid advancements in technology aren’t just changing our society—they’re changing what it means to be human, as technology takes on more human-like capabilities.

Already, AI is the force behind our favorite apps and websites. We’ve grown accustom to trusting it. For example, Google Maps tells us the fastest route to our destination and we automatically plan accordingly. In the very near future, AI will impact our lives even more. Think Amazon shipping products to your doorstep before you place an order, or Google’s Waymo picking a gift for your partner because it’s a birthday you forgot. Think about NASA using generative design to discover harbor oceans underneath distant moons crusts and find life on other planets. All of these advancements in this new world are made possible not only by leveraging the power of AI, advanced analytics, and machine learning but also, more precisely, by sharing data.

How InfoSight leverages the power of AI

At HPE, one way we’ve been leveraging AI is to help our customers more easily manage their IT infrastructure. HPE InfoSight has been collecting and analyzing telemetry data for over a decade and has the largest volume of infrastructure behavior on the planet. During the AI winter, we still saw the value in collecting data and built sensors in our systems to eventually analyze millions of data points across the globally connected installed base. Now with advancements in compute, HPE InfoSight is able to leverage this massive amount of data to build algorithms to deploy infrastructure management with limited human interface. HPE InfoSight is the best-in-class infrastructure management solution because of its treasury of data.

This has been made possible by our customers sharing their data in order to leverage the powerful backend AI-engine of InfoSight that analyzes and predicts infrastructure problems based on the previous experiences of thousands of customers in the global install base. We are only at the tip of the data iceberg and businesses, government agencies, and society have already realizing significant value. We are acquiring data at an exponential rate and in turn improving our AI model accuracies and ability to become more “human.”

Across the AI landscape, security is always of paramount importance

The power of data is going to significantly change the AI landscape and the capabilities of InfoSight to manage your complex hybrid cloud world. The fears associated with sharing your data and getting hacked—and having confidential client information shared or even proprietary IP being exposed—are all real fears that should not be taken lightly. HPE understands this and has taken the precautions necessary to mitigate your risk. The future of IT infrastructure is dependent on bringing AI capabilities to the data center and HPE InfoSight is leading the industry in this transformational migration from high touch to autonomous infrastructure.

HPE operates a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, which provides a secure communication path to send diagnostic and performance telemetry data from customers’ devices to our secure data center behind an HPE firewall. HPE InfoSight only collects the pertinent data that is essential to managing infrastructure, like configuration, statistics, and storage system health. This collected data consists of streaming statistics, heartbeats, diagnostics, and configuration data and alerts. Rest assured that we do not collect anything critical to your application data, including personally identifiable data and customer data. We are protecting the data treasure chest.

To learn more on how we specifically keep your data safe and mitigate attacks, please read these two white papers:

HPE InfoSight Security: Secure Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

HPE 3PAR Secure Service Architecture: Us against the bad guys

It is our promise to you to keep your data safe and we go to battle every second to protect our customers’ valuable assets! We thank you for sharing your data and allowing the collective whole to benefit from the power of AI.

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