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Data protection champion: HPE StoreOnce once again tops the charts with DCIG


Yet again, HPE StoreOnce Systems have earned the ranking “recommended” in the DCIG Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide. Here’s why StoreOnce is a true data protection champion.

Data Protection Champion HPE StoreOnce_blog.jpgI watch a lot of sports, and am lucky to witness some of the greatest sportsmen perform at their peak. Names like Jordon, Ali, Federer, Pele, Bolt and Bradman are among the few who have always been considered the gold standard in their respective disciplines.

The criteria I apply to greatness in sport is adaptability or reinventing oneself through tactical insight. I believe that quality applies in tennis almost exclusively to Roger Federer and in boxing, to Muhammad Ali. Changing tactics, reinventing what they did in order to once again show that “being champion means proving you are the champion whenever proof seems required.”

Drawing parallels with champions in sports and technology, last week industry analyst firm DCIG released its 2017-18 Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide. I'm very proud to say that HPE StoreOnce Systems has yet again topped the evaluation criteria and has earned the ranking “recommended” in the Deduplication Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide.

Having already been recognized as a best in class solution by DCIG in their 2014-15 and 2016-17 BuyDCIG-2017-18-RECOMMENDED-DBTA-Buyers-Guide-Icon-1000x1000[1].jpgers Guide reports, this new ranking by DCIG is an outstanding testament to the growing recognition that HPE StoreOnce Systems is one of the best solutions to choose for protecting your data. We strongly believe in the technology we have built over the years. This recognition from DCIG further validates our approach in delivering solutions aimed at solving all your data protection challenges.

DCIG has a short write-up on its site with some comments about the buyer’s guide but I wanted to highlight a few things about StoreOnce in the report:

StoreOnce 6600: Ranked as Recommended by DCIG

  • HPE offers scale-out architecture. HPE makes one of its deduplication backup target appliances available in a configuration that both scales out and scales up.HPE StoreOnce 6600.jpegThe HPE StoreOnce 6600 can scale out to allow for a maximum of eight appliances in a single logical configuration. The 6600 scales out by adding two nodes at a time. Further, enterprises do have the option to scale up by introducing more capacity into individual nodes.
  • The HPE StoreOnce 6600 is one of the few appliances that scales to multiple petabytes. HPE utilizes both scale-up and scale-out options in the StoreOnce architecture. The cluster can be scaled out to eight nodes grouped as four couplets and each couplet may be scaled up by adding up to five expansion upgrades.
  • HPE also offers a virtual appliance edition of its deduplica­tion appliance. HPE’s virtual appliance can be used in small office and remote settings to perform deduplication at a lower cost than selecting a hardware appliance. While most virtual appliances scale in the single to low-double-digit TB range HPE’s virtual appliance scales to as much as 50 TB in capacity.

StoreOnce 5500 and 5100: Ranked as Excellent by DCIG

  • HPE introduced a refreshed lineup of deduplication appli­ances ranging from the enterprise down to the small and remote offices.
  • StoreOnce 5500 scales-up from 60 TB to over 1 PB in raw storage and is geared for midsize and enterprise data centers. The smaller appli­ances in the line retain the same software capabilities of the enterprise models.
  • With a wide variety of available network topologies, the StoreOnce line can fit in as stand­alone appliance, a multi-site disaster recovery replication point or a central deduplication hub.
  • As the top model in the new midrange lineup, the HPE StoreOnce 5100 shares all of the features of the StoreOnce 5500, but with a smaller maximum storage capacity of 288 TB.

Flash-Integrated Data Protection

  • HPE addresses enterprise needs for faster backups and restores and longer data retention periods in a yet a different way. It is creating more hooks between its StoData Prortection shield_HPE StoreOnce_RMC_blog.jpgreOnce and 3PAR storage arrays to facilitate the movement of protected data between them without the need for that data to pass through a backup software server.
  • RMC software also enables fast recovery via synthetic full backups and the ability to directly mount the snapshot on the host in order to meet short recovery-time objective (RTO) service level agreements. HPE StoreOnce offers flexible connectivity options and direct integration with 3PAR for snapshot offloading capa­bilities and performance enhancements using its Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software.

Lowering costs: Storage efficiency and ability to keep pace with data growth

HPE StoreOnce federated dedupe delivers storage efficiency from edge to core, reducing the cost of data replication and data management. All well and good you might say, but all our innovations continue to pass the “So what?” test through the HPE Get Protected Guarantee Program that offers to reduce your storage capacity by 95%.

In short: it’s an exciting time to be in the data protection business

Consumption models are changing, velocity of operations is at a break-neck speed and automation is the name of the game. Hopefully your architecture for data protection can keep pace.

Build a wall to protect your data and application with HPE StoreOnce—and know that we at HPE are in a business to ensure peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data and applications.

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