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Data protection: what can we learn from “Sharks” on efficiency and agility?


Srik.jpegBy Srikanth Venkataseshu, Worldwide Solutions Marketing Manager, Backup Recovery and Archive Solutions, HP Storage


Sharks are amazing and mysterious creatures. They are also the most effective and focused hunting machine on the planet. Sharks are perfectly designed to accomplish their mission with effortless efficiency. Here are some facts about Sharks – and no, I am not talking about “Sharknado” or “Sharktopus” (who needs to be reminded of those anyway).

  • Agile : Sharks skeleton is made of cartilage and connective tissue – Gives them the flexibility and durability for the half the weight of the bone
  • Adaptable : Sharks can heat their eyes using a special organ so they can hunt in frigid waters
  • Alert: Unlike humans, sharks never sleep
  • Efficient: Sharks have keen olfactory senses which allows them to detect as little as one part per million of blood in sea water
  • Longevity: Sharks can live up to 150 years and that’s awful lot of years without sleep

And the list goes on and on… As your IT organizations move toward the IT-as-a-Service model using software-defined data center architecture, Shark-like efficiency is a must. 

HP Data Protection solution for HP ConvergedSystem

With Oracle being one of the key enterprise workloads, we built out a reference architecture for protecting virtualized Oracle running on HP ConvergedSystem. But the architecture is applicable to other enterprise applications as well. Let’s look at how we deliver Shark-like efficiency for protecting “Sharks."



  • Agility: The deep integration of HP Data Protector software with virtualized environments (VMWare API for Data Protection, or VADP, and Microsoft VSS) enables application-aware backups of virtual workloads. The one-click protection allows you to automatically apply your backup policies to new virtual machines as they come online or failover so you are guaranteed comprehensive protection of your physical and virtual environments.
  • Efficiency: Duplication of information across virtualized data stores drives enormous consumption of backup storage resources and associated capital expenditures. HP StoreOnce Backup with variable block deduplication can deliver 20:1 or 95% space savings. Secondly, HP Data Protector with Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB), and Instant Recovery provides down-to-second recovery of all mission critical workloads. ZDB integrates with HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, the primary storage of CS 700(X), to enable creation of array-based snapshots of virtual machines with zero-impact to production service level agreements (SLAs). The net result: shorter recovery point/time objectives and efficient granular recoveries
  • Adaptability: HP StoreOnce federated deduplication enables you to deduplicate data either at the source or on the media server or on the target appliance. No matter where the data is deduplicated, it can be replicated to multiple locations without rehydration. Plus, HP StoreOnce can be deployed either as a physical or a virtual appliance running as a VM. The net-result: Use deduplication that fits your business terms without being bound by limitations.
  • Availability: HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup is highly available which means backups continue to runStoreOnce.jpg even with node failures. The backup jobs autonomically failover to surviving node. Plus, data integrity and security features of StoreOnce keep data safe. Count on: always-on and safe protection of virtual workloads.
  • Longevity: No one can beat the cost economics of tape for long-term retention. Therefore, if you need extended retention of your backups, HP Data Protector can automatically move data from StoreOnce to HP StoreEver tape so you get the best of both worlds – disk and tape. Alternatively, if you choose cloud as a destination for storing backups, HP Data Protector can to enable you to store them on HP Helion Cloud as well. Net-result: Safe retention of your data with a choice of destination on your terms.

Next time you watch this magnificent creature, remember all the things they teach us about efficiency, agility and speed.

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