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Delivering Mission Critical support in storage – routine for HP


By Michael Ryan, Services Segment Manager – Storage


michael_ryan_badge_176x304.jpgI’ve now been an IT professional serving customers in one way or another for more than three decades. If you’ve been in IT for even a fraction of that time, you’ve seen plenty of marketing pitches from plenty of suppliers about what’s important to IT. What I’ve come to understand is that when it comes to IT, companies really care about just a few things – and I’m happy to say HP excels at all of these:


  • Maximizing IT asset value. This isn’t hard to understand. You bought a storage asset or maybe it’s a server, network, or other asset. You want it to achieve the performance and capacity goals you set out for, and you want this for as long as possible.
  • Problem avoidance. Everyone hates surprises in our business.  And there’s little worse than suffering through an incident, perhaps impacting your business, only to learn later that it could have been avoided.
  • Robust response. No matter now prepared or diligent you are, the unanticipated can, and does happen. And when it does, rapid problem resolution is crucial.



Get it all from the experts

So how can HP help? We have the support portfolio and people that align with what’s clearly so important to you. Meeting Mission Critical needs is core to many of our offerings. And I do mean “core” – not a separate standalone package; not something subbed out or delivered through third party alliances; and not a “special” or “custom” arrangement available only to a select few.


Even with the HP Proactive Care Service, the entry point in our proactive service portfolio, you’re getting big value that ties directly to your needs. Deliverables such as firmware and software version analysis, proactive scan, and incident reports that provide the heads-up you need when there are opportunities to avoid preventable problems.


But enter the Account Support Manager (ASM), the centerpiece of our Proactive Care Personalized Support option, Critical Service, and Datacenter Care Service. It’s the ASM who takes the proactive concept further, to help you get the most out of your assets and offer deeper insights and actions around preventing unwanted downtime. The ASM is your key to accessing the most of how HP can help you with your IT goals, and a common element across HP’s proactive support portfolio.


Of course, things can still happen, despite the best laid plans. And when the unanticipated happens, HP’s proactive portfolio provides accelerated access to the best technical resources. No wasted time on remedial troubleshooting. And we combine this with a single contact and process to “own” the problem until final resolution. No cold hand offs or drops; just genuine dedication towards getting you back on line. It’s what you need and expect from your suppliers when all else fails.


So like the firehouse analogy, a rapid response to an incident by itself just isn’t enough to protect your business when the stakes are high. The best strategy is to focus on actions you can take to avoid incidents, and back these activities with an appropriate response should a problem still occur.


Sound like were on the same page? Would you like to talk about how we can help you? Just give us a call. It’s what we do here.


To learn more about me and how I can help you identify the right mission-critical solution for your business, check out my HP Expert profile.

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