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Diving into Nimble Storage with a ChalkTalk





HPE and Nimble Storage_chalk talk_blog.jpgOne of the pieces of news yesterday was that we now have some Nimble Storage products available through HPE and HPE Channel Partners. There are five products:

  • The new Secondary Flash Arrays that we talked about during VeeamOn.  These are called the SF-Series and there are two available through HPE representatives: SF100 and SF300.  Check out my ChalkTalk to get a short overview of the SFA.
  • The Nimble All-Flash is the AF-Series. Here the AF1000 will be available via HPE.
  • Lastly, the Nimble Adaptive Flash (which is essentially hybrid flash) is the CS-Series. There are two products available from HPE: the CS1000 and the CS1000H.
  • And it's worth noting that we'll be moving to make all of the Nimble portfolio available through HPE but customers who already work with a Nimble Storage Rep can continue to work with them for next several months. 

So with that aside, I really wanted to help ATSB readers that don't know Nimble Storage to come up to speed. And so I offer a new ChalkTalk that's a very good introduction to Nimble. Without further ado, here's the ChalkTalk. 

Get More Nimble

We are working to integrated Nimble Storage content on to but I'm guessing Nimble's website will be around for five or six months.  So let me point you to some of the resources on those pages:

  • The best place to start your own self-exploration is  From there, you can explore in detail all of the topics I talked about in the ChalkTalk. 
  • I think the starting point to diving deeper in the InfoSite main page.  A link to the solution brief is at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page are links to featured resources. 
  • Next stop would be the Flash Array solution page, which when you land there you will see it is has the title Multicloud Flash Fabric at the top. 
  • The last main page I recommend is the one labeled MultiCloud Storage and this will take you to learn more about Nimble Cloud Volumes
  • Close to the top of every page you'll see "PRODUCTS".  When you click on that that you can go deeper on the All Flash AF-Series, Adaptive Flash CS-Series, and Secondary Flash Array SF-Series as well as products you can click on.  
  • Be sure to check out the interactive 3D demos for the AF-Series and the CS-Series

I've given you more than enough to keep you busy until our next post on the storage news! As for me, I'm signing off for a couple of days to enjoy my daughter and son-in-law's graduation from Biola University in Southern California. For those of you in the U.S., enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.  

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