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Edge sites and shark cages: Redefining edge-to-cloud data protection

In March, HPE announced new capabilities for the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged platform, including integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup. In this post, I will focus on the value of extending your data protection from edge to cloud.   

edge-sites_HPE-SimpliVity_HPE-Cloud-Volumes_blog.pngDo you live on the edge, constantly facing your fears and betting your life on a thin veneer of protection? Would you go shark diving in a flimsy cage?

Most people would not consider that to be a good choice. After all, the most integral part of that experience is the resiliency of the cage. When you know you will be swimming in chummed waters, how that cage is constructed and laid out suddenly becomes an important consideration – and the open ocean is not the place to make your safety checks. You only need to do a quick search of YouTube ahead of time to see what happens when cages are poorly constructed. Lightweight enclosures assembled with nuts and bolts are clearly to be avoided. But even in a welded cage, details are vital. Only the most resilient welding, carried out by a consummate professional, is tough enough to withstand the charge of a great white.

Running a business is risky enough without taking unnecessary risks with your data. Much like the diver’s cage, the IT infrastructure you choose can make a critical difference in data protection. How well-protected is your data? How quickly can you restore things to normal should something go wrong?

Accelerated data growth at the enterprise edge

I don’t have to tell you that the pace of business is accelerating. Companies are moving towards real-time business models—where transactions and information-sharing are almost  instantaneous. This transition is increasing demands not only on the performance and scalability of the underlying IT infrastructure but also on its availability and reliability. As process timelines are compressed from weeks or days into hours, minutes, or even seconds, the cost of downtime skyrockets. Almost all aspects of today’s business environment rely on the uninterrupted availability of platforms, applications, and data.

Edge environments require high availability more than ever before. You may have heard that edge computing is being driven tremendously by the sheer volume of data generated there by a large number of data gathering devices, from small temperature and pressure sensors to high-resolution/high-frame rate cameras. Organizations are witnessing unprecedented application and data growth at the edge, and this growth creates new opportunities to extract value from data by running applications and processing data locally – but that data must remain available or the value is lost.

The enterprise edge is a critical segment represented by distributed sites in environments including retail, hospitals, financial services, and manufacturing, where business requirements are constantly evolving. New, cloud-native applications are emerging at the edge, while IT organizations must continue to support existing virtualized applications at local sites. Organizations need edge computing infrastructure that is radically simple to manage, with built-in resiliency and efficient data protection to ensure apps are always-on and able to rapidly recover data across sites.

Built-in data protection and centralized management

HPE SimpliVity is a market-leading, intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution optimized for these environments, with an efficient, all-in one appliance form factor. The solution provides built-in data protection with zero administration requirements enabled by centralized management and automation, along with industry-leading, guaranteed data efficiency for better economics.

HPE SimpliVity is architected with the resiliency and data protection capabilities to deliver the high availability and instant recovery critical for workloads at the edge, including databases and general virtualization. The compact hyperconverged platform is known for its inherent backup and resiliency capabilities. Its built-in local and remote backups allow efficient, rapid recovery for applications across multi-site federations, including distributed edges for disaster recovery. With HPE SimpliVity, VM data is rapidly and automatically backed up to another node, so if one node goes down, businesses never experience a disruption and data can be recovered quickly. In fact, a 1TB VM can be backed up or restored in <60 seconds. This is critical in ensuring business continuity in the event of natural disasters, or protecting data against security threats such as ransomware.

edge-sites_HPE-SimpliVity_HPE-Cloud-Volumes_blog1.pngExtending edge data protection to the cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

HPE SimpliVity with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup provides flexible backup directly from your edge location to the cloud. This solution lets you securely back up multiple edge sites to the cloud in three clicks, or through policy automation directly from vCenter without any additional backup software or hardware infrastructure. You are backing up directly to the cloud with those same right-click actions you have come to love. There is no intermediary, additional hardware, or cloud gateway required.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup frees your data from being locked into a single cloud environment where you must pay just to look at it. The fact is – you only pay for the data you store. Even better, there are no egress charges if you want to restore your data. You want your data back, you restore it. We won’t hold the data hostage and make you pay to retrieve it.

Because HPE Cloud Volumes Backup is built on the proven HPE Catalyst protocol, data can be backed up compressed and deduplicated against the backup store. The solution is perfect for those edge locations that don’t have the same bandwidth as the centralized data center. And it provides resilient protection from cyberattacks, as HPE Catalyst makes backup images invisible and inaccessible to ransomware, ensuring data integrity and enabling restores in the event of any attack.

Edge sites and shark cages blog slides (002).png

Cost effective centralized backup with HPE StoreOnce

A new support feature allows the HPE StoreOnce tier to be placed at a central site for efficiency, even over wide-area connections. This integration provides additional protection for your HPE SimpliVity deployments at distributed edge sites with automated, application-aware policies to seamlessly replicate apps and data, directly to a centralized HPE StoreOnce appliance for compliance and long-term retention.

This feature enables businesses to:

  • Create or update edge-to-core backup policies in less than one minute, for thousands of VMs across dozens of sites
  • Easily backup and restore data in few  clicks, and
  • Routinely achieve up to 20:1 deduplication ratio resulting in high data efficiency. 

To protect your data from ransomware threats, HPE Catalyst effectively isolates critical data so attackers cannot access it without resorting to direct physical interactions. The HPE Catalyst store is hidden from attackers behind an application programming interface (API) that enhances and simplifies the process of backing up and deduplicating data. This makes it practically impossible for ransomware to attack backup stores directly.

Edge sites and shark cages blog slides (003).png

Edge-to-cloud data protection redefined

As HPE SimpliVity is accelerating into more enterprises, customers are looking to continually improve their data protection strategy. Improved integration with HPE StoreOnce and newly announced integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup enable enhanced protection for these hyperconverged environments, and data mobility across edge to the cloud. These app-aware data protection solutions offer rapid recovery and policy-based automation for simple management and cost-effectiveness, complementing HPE SimpliVity built-in backup and recovery capabilities with options for long-term retention, compliance, and extension to the cloud. 

Edge sites and shark cages blog slides (004).png

If you create a strong line of defense now to secure business-critical data and ensure application availability, your organization will be able to deliver more than business continuity. Extending data protection from edge to cloud with HPE Simplivity, HPE StoreOnce, and HPE Cloud Volumes Backup will give you the peace of mind that your data is rapidly recoverable, and always secure and available to provide value to your business without compromise.

We help customers protect data wherever it is – improving efficiencies by simplifying operations and turning backup data into an asset.

  • Watch this  4-minute video and see how HPE SimpliVity keeps your data protected at the enterprise edge.


Ashwin Shetty
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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