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Efficient networking for HPE’s Alletra cloud-native, high performance NVMe storage

For both NVMe storage and computational inferencing workloads, predictable and reliable data delivery depends on speed and accuracy. For HPE Alletra NVMe storage, HPE M-series delivers the best networking platform to keep pace with the most intense workload demands.

Faster, efficient connectivity matters in data centers!

Storage-networking_NVMe_M-series-switches_blog.pngFor both fast NVMe storage and computational inferencing workloads, predictable and reliable data delivery depends on speed and accuracy. This starts with a high performance network. For HPE Alletra NVMe storage, HPE M-series delivers the best networking platform for speed and agility to keep pace with most intense workload demands.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently announced Unified DataOps, HPE’s vision for data that streamlines data and infrastructure management from edge to cloud – unleashing data, agility, and innovation. Unified DataOps is based on a unique architectural blueprint that brings together data-centric policies and automation, cloud-native control and operations, with AI-driven insights and intelligence.

Our goal is to help customers with their data-driven transformation with the introduction of HPE Alletra, an all NVMe cloud-native data infrastructure, which is part of HPE’s vision for data. Powered by the HPE Data Services Cloud Console, the HPE Alletra 9000 and 6000 enable organizations to run mission-critical applications with 99.9999%+ guaranteed availability and simplified deployment, intent-based provisioning, and invisible upgrades at global scale – all managed from anywhere and delivered as-a-service.

HPE Alletra 9000 is ideally suited for mission-critical workloads with extreme latency sensitivity and availability requirements. It overcomes the agility versus reliability tradeoff between the public cloud and traditional enterprise storage by providing a modern, as-a-service experience through HPE GreenLake, combined with intelligence and automation that ensures applications are always on and available.

For business-critical workloads, HPE Alletra 6000 delivers fast, consistent performance and industry leading data efficiency. It enables IT to shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it on-demand, as-a-service, and eliminates performance and efficiency trade-offs with no knobs or configurations to adjust – plus always-on data services. You can get resilient storage with intelligence and a no single-point-of-failure platform that together delivers 6-nines availability – guaranteed!

Figure 1: HPE Alletra 6000Figure 1: HPE Alletra 6000Figure 2: HPE Alletra 9000Figure 2: HPE Alletra 9000

Faster, efficient networking – with predictable performance – makes for faster storage

The revolution in flash-based storage continues to increase storage throughput. Protocols such as NVMe are there to extract all performance possible, with lower latency out infrastructureso business applications are not bottlenecked, and operational SLAs are maintained. As storage gets faster, the network must not only run faster with more bandwidth and lower latency, but also more efficiently. Having either a bandwidth bottleneck or a high-latency network will limit storage performance and prevent customers from realizing the full value of their high-performance flash storage.

Due to the increasing performance needs of servers and high-performance storage, faster network speeds such as 25GbE and 100GbE are rapidly being adopted. And – HPE Alletra offers the ability to connect at both 25GbE and 100GbE.

Efficient, high performance networking with HPE M-series for NVMe Storage

HPE M-Series Ethernet switches offer a very compelling argument for why it is the best and most efficient networking solution for high-performance all NVMe storage platforms such as HPE Alletra.

Let’s walk through a checklist of what makes the M-series Ethernet switch family is the best networking solution for any high-performance workload—and you’ll see why the M-Series is poised to be a great platform for high-performance NVMe based storage for your organization.

  • Ideal form-factor. The M-series platform delivers form-factor flexibility, with 1U and 2U switches for 1GbE – 200GbE TOR to aggregation deployment. The M-series Ethernet switch family is also available in a unique compact half-width at 10/25GBE and 100GbE SN2010M and SN2100M providing full-redundancy in 1U.
  • Port selection. The M-series platform offers a port selection option, with pay-as-you-grow through HPE GreenLake.
  • Highest bandwidth. The M-Series comes in 25/100 and 200Gb Ethernet speeds.
  • ZERO packet loss. The M-series ZERO packet loss feature ensures reliable and predictable performance.
  • Highest efficiency. The M-series is optimized for storage, virtualized, and containerized environments.
  • Lowest latency. The M-series delivers ultra-low-latency, true cut-through latency.
  • Dynamically shared, flexible buffering. The M-series demonstrates excellent flexibility to dynamically adapt and absorb micro-bursts and avoid congestion.
  • Advanced load balancing. The M-series delivers improved scale and availability.
  • Predictable performance. The M-series high-switching capacity, delivering wire-speed performance.
  • Airflow and power supply. The M-series offers both F2B & B2F airflow, with AC/DC power supply.
  • Qualification and integration. Q&I is provided by HPE SPOCK and HPE Network Orchestrator.
  • Certification. The M-series is both TAA and NEBS compliant.
  • Service and support. HPE Pointnext L1-L4 support and installation services are available for the M-series
  • Low cost. The M-series delivers superior value, with flexibility to pay with CAPEX and/or OPEX through HPE GreenLake.

Figure 3: HPE M-series Ethernet switch family offers ideal form-factor and performance for high-performance NVMe storageFigure 3: HPE M-series Ethernet switch family offers ideal form-factor and performance for high-performance NVMe storage


HPE M-series switches have strong telemetry features for monitoring throughput, latency, and traffic levels on every port. The “HPE Network Orchestrator” and “What Just Happened” makes it easy to configure, monitor, and update many switches from a central management point, using an intuitive GUI.

Leverage Ethernet storage for higher data throughput, greater efficiency and reduced TCO

HPE M-series offers the most comprehensive and flexible data center connectivity Ethernet switching portfolio. M-series offers form-factor flexibility with 1U and 2U full-width and 1U half-width switches. Half-width provides a unique form factor, having two switches in 1U providing full-redundancy and fewer unused ports. HPE M-series switches are end-to-end qualified (SPOCK) with HPE’s comprehensive portfolio of Servers and Storage Arrays. It creates value for HPE customers with lower TCO, and quicker resolution to infrastructure problems – and that translates to dependable business continuity with OPEX savings.

HPE M-series also offers industry-leading, high-bandwidth and the lowest-latency for a cost-effective solution to connect primary, secondary, hyperconverged, NAS, or object storage systems. Cost-effective options such as pay-as-you-grow licensing, seamless speed transition from 1GbE to 200GbE, and support for next-generation storage such as software-defined, scale-out, distributed and NVMe, ensure your M-series fabrics allow for implementing significant speed and architecture upgrades over time.

For more information on HPE Alletra and our M-series switch family, please visit our web.


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