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Enterprise Application Continuity for Your Entire SAP HANA and Non-HANA Landscape



Learn how HPE delivers a purpose-built solution to maximize uptime of your critical SAP investments with HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, HPE StoreOnce data protection, HPE Serviceguard and HPE Pointnext.

HPE Enterprise Application Continuity SAP_blog.jpgWorried about recovering your SAP data fast enough? Anxious about continuous user access to SAP data despite failures and planned maintenance? Challenged with keeping costs under control? Here’s how HPE Enterprise Application Continuity delivers an innovative approach to keep your entire SAP landscape up and running at all times.

No one argues about the financial impact of unplanned downtime to organizations. Average cost per hour of outage is USD $740,3571. Recovering from outages while preserving data integrity and avoiding data corruption is never easy.

In an SAP landscape, you’re dealing with various databases: HANA, Oracle, SQL Server and many more. Investing in various solutions for each database environment is not only costly, but also complex and unreliable. A holistic approach to high availability, disaster recovery and data protection that covers the entire SAP landscape drives down costs, is more manageable and ensures meeting Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of less than an hour and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) within four hours for SAP environments.

Here are the key pillars of delivering a comprehensive application continuity solution for SAP: 

  • Data persistence allows application recovery from save points and log data to prevent data loss in case of database failures.
  • High availability (HA) quickly and reliably fails over and fails back the entire landscape including applications and database, to meet the RTO/RPO requirements.
  • Data protection serves as a second line of defense with backup to and recovery from a secondary media while delivering stringent SLA.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) guards against a catastrophic failure via replication and side switch to a disaster recovery location.

How does HPE deliver enterprise application continuity for SAP?

It’s not easy, but HPE can deliver. Consider combining the high-performance flash-optimized HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, the flexible and federated HPE StoreOnce data protection solution with the industry-leading fully automated failover and failback HPE Serviceguard software for SAP to provide the comprehensive coverage for application continuity. Wrap HPE Pointnext services around it—and you will arrive at a solution that maximizes uptime of your critical SAP and SAP HANA investments.

Here’s how it works:

Data persistence with HPE 3PAR StoreServ: The industry-leading 3PAR all-flash arrays affordably offer key benefits that include: 

  • Resilience—Leverage 99.9999% data availability guarantee program for mission critical applications, translating to only 32 seconds/year maximum downtime
  • Efficiency—Deliver highest SAP HANA scaling with lowest power, cooling and footprint2
  • Consolidation—Seamlessly share storage among SAP HANA and non-HANA applications
  • Optimized for data protection—Meet RTO and RPO with SAP integrated backup and recovery

High availability and disaster recovery with HPE Serviceguard: The industry’s only SAP-certified fully automated high availability for hardware, software, OS, VMs, network, storage and databases offers key benefits that include: 

  • Smart automation—Enable intelligent unattended monitoring and fast recovery for lowest RTO
  • End-to-end monitoring—Protect full application stack across hardware, operating system, database and applications
  • Coordinated failover and failback—Synchronize multi-application recovery for SAP HANA and non-HANA
  • Graceful management—Minimize planned downtime due to system update and maintenance

Data Protection with HPE StoreOnce System: Integrating with HPE 3PAR StoreServ snapshots as well as databases to boost backup and recovery performance up to 23 times compared to traditional approaches, HPE StoreOnce offers key benefits that include:

  • Lower TCO—Reduce storage footprint up to 20:1 with industry leading compression technology
  • High performance—Speed up backup and restore by eliminating media server and backup software
  • Simplicity—Enable native database integration to provide DBAs with complete control and visibility

End-to-end services with HPE Pointnext: Ranging from assessment workshops to HA/DR service to monitoring and support service, Pointnext delivers the essential advisory, implementation and optimization offering for SAP Enterprise Application Continuity solution. Delivering over 500 SAP projects each year ranging from single-site to global, multi-site rollouts, Pointnext helps you ensure application continuity for SAP with services that include:

  • Advisory Services—Envision and define for future success
  • Professional Services—Design and implement the integration of infrastructure and software to deliver enterprise application continuity
  • Operational Services—Optimize your environment for long-term sustained application continuity

HPE Enterprise Application Continuity for SAP.jpg

                                                              HPE Enterprise Application Continuity Solution for SAP

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Simply put, when you engage with HPE to deliver SAP application continuity, you enjoy the collective benefits offered by the leading SAP partnership in the world.

Watch this video and visit HPE Data and Retention Solutions to learn more.

1 Source: Ponemon Institute, Jan 2016, Cost of Data Center Outages

2 Taneja Group, February 2017

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Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Parissa Mohamadi, Data Protection Solution Manager, HPE Storage Marketing.



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