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Even data protection needs superheroes: HPE and Commvault

Learn how to enhance data protection with HPE storage and HPE Complete Commvault software.

I love watching movies, especially superhero movies. Thankfully there's no shortage of superheroes in the movie world HPE-Commvault-data protection-superheroes_ blog.jpgtoday, like The Avengers, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men and even heroes like Ant-Man. The concept of superheroes and their alternate fantasy world appeals universally.

It is no secret that at some point in our lives, we all wanted to be a superhero. These larger-than-life characters engage in the classic battle of good against evil, which makes it interesting to watch for audiences while also making lots of money for the big studios.

This week I will play off the concept of superheroes as I see it relates to backup and recovery. We all know that data creates a lot of business value—however, it also represents significant liability. As we speak, your organization is gathering data faster than ever from many different sources. Keeping pace with this unprecedented data growth poses a huge challenge. The bigger challenge lies in protecting the data and applications so that it can be effectively utilized without fear of unauthorized access or data loss. The data protection landscape is changing rapidly. Customers find traditional data protection approaches cumbersome, difficult to manage at scale and often don’t have the dedicated expertise to manage a backup environment that has become a 24x7x365 mission-critical service.

Your company needs a superhero to protect your data

Last year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the superhero of the server and storage industry, combined forces with Commvault, the superhero of backup, recovery, and data management to create our own Avenger like team to provide superhero protection for your data. As part of the HPE Complete program, HPE customers have access to Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery, the most comprehensive backup solution in the market, as well as Commvault HyperScale™ Technology that provides a scale-out solution for today’s modern cloud-like architectures.

Much more than a reseller agreement

Commvault software combines complete data protection lifecycle management features with primary and secondary tiers of HPE storage. The combination of Commvault IntelliSnap® technology with the native HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE Nimble Storage snapshot engines provides consistent point-in-time recovery copies for enterprise applications in minutes while incorporating hardware snapshots into the complete data protection process without requiring complex scripting. Eliminating scripts saves valuable time and using a single tool to manage all your hardware snapshots reduces complexity. This integration also accelerates application-level recovery while providing granular protection and retention options.

Driving data center transformation, HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo systems represent well-suited platforms for Commvault HyperScale™ Software to expand and transform capabilities in the evolving software-defined world. By leveraging Commvault HyperScale™ Software and a Validated Reference Design with HPE ProLiant and Apollo systems, you can maximize the return on investment by reducing the complexity, cost, and risk over traditional scale-up solutions.

Full integration of HPE StoreOnce systems and Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Software through HPE StoreOnce Catalyst allows Commvault to manage the full lifecycle of data management operations for HPE StoreOnce systems. Seamless integration between HPE StoreOnce systems using Catalyst Copy meets evolving backup, recovery, and compliance challenges, while tightening resource requirements and responding to the ever-expanding data growth that our customers are facing. The solution from Commvault and HPE includes support for low bandwidth mode (source-side) deduplication that reduces redundant data, minimizes automated movement of data to lower cost storage as data ages based on user-defined policies, and includes support for synthetic, full backups using Catalyst Clone. With this integration, users can move backup data natively, reliably, and cost-effectively to the public, private, or hybrid cloud. This capability is delivered by HPE Cloud Bank Storage, resulting in long-term retention and reliable disaster recovery that is simple and efficient with up to 20x lower cloud storage.

HPE and Commvault have also validated the compatibility and functionality of Commvault software to protect customer data within HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution. This is designed for holistic data management, rapidly protecting data—wherever it is located. This is with native protection and immediate migration from wherever data is to Azure and to-and-from Azure Stack—providing the portability IT managers need and require.

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Backup on premises and on demand

Commvault is the HPE software partner of choice for HPE GreenLake Backup delivering simplicity and agility with the economics of public cloud. With HPE GreenLake Backup, you can overcome the many challenges associated with backup: capacity planning, provisioning, and billing. This solution delivers the advantages of on-premises and the cloud in a pay-per-use model that is metered and billed using Front-End Terabytes. HPE GreenLake Backup delivers on-premises backup capacity, managed for you, and you pay by how much you back up monthly. Simple as that!

HPE GreenLake Backup 2.jpg


More on the horizon—at HPE Discover 2019

I’m very excited about the upcoming HPE Discover in Vegas and what is in store for HPE Storage as we continue to innovate and elevate the standards of managing your data along with Commvault.

If you are attending HPE Discover, be sure and stop by the Commvault booth (#218) and get your badge scanned to receive a free superhero-themed souvenir and speak with one of our product experts to learn about the benefits that come with deploying HPE and Commvault solutions.

And if you have time, please attend the Commvault session focused around “Your data, protected your way” on Wednesday June 19th, from 10:00 AM- 10:30 AM.

We all can use some superheroes in our lives. So can our business data and applications.  With HPE and Commvault, you can rest assured that your data is always protected—just as you would expect from any good superheroes! I’m excited about catching up on the upcoming superhero movie attractions coming this year: Spiderman, X-Men and more!. How about you?

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 Learn more about HPE Commvault

And watch this video to see data protection superheroes in action: How Commvault AI and ML Give You Superhero Capabilities

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