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Everything you need to know for AI-driven IT operations: HPE Discover AIOps Sessions and Demos

AIOps-SESSIONS-NOT-TO-MISS-HPE-Discover2020.jpgBringing the latest technology and innovations to the enterprise; in-person or virtually, HPE has you covered!

HPE has reimagined HPE Discover this year, just as you may be reimagining the way your business operates. HPE Discover 2020 is now a free, virtual event–which means anyone can register to attend and watch numerous on-demand sessions and demos from anywhere, tailoring the content around your schedule.

HPE Discover--A wistful look back, yet an exciting look forward  

I look forward to HPE Discover each and every year. I love talking to customers prior to the event, researching industry trends, and working with my product and engineering teams to develop the most compelling sessions and demos. In the months preceding the event, excitement builds as teams work together to showcase how HPE’s newest innovations can help transform your business.

And then, it’s here–the first day of HPE Discover. I love walking through the doors and seeing all of my favorite customers, partners, media, analysts, and influencers representing thousands of companies worldwide! Everyone is eager to engage in sessions, demos, meetings, announcements, and more.

Sadly, the days of interacting face to face with each of you is on pause. But never fear, HPE has amazing solutions to help you modernize, transform, and manage everything in your IT environment--and advanced artificial intelligence lets you do it all remotely! And we are showcasing all of it and more at the Discover Virtual Experience (DVE). I know personally that employees all over HPE are working harder than ever to ensure this year’s HPE Discover provides compelling content that excites our customers with innovative solutions.

AI-driven operations with HPE InfoSight

One of those solutions is HPE InfoSight, which lets you automate IT operations by using machine learning to manage, modernize, and optimize your IT environment. Advanced AI capabilities are delivered through HPE InfoSight, the industry’s leading cloud-based predictive analytics platform. HPE InfoSight harnesses the collective intelligence of tens of thousands of systems, deployed across thousands of organizations to provide an unmatched, real-time support experience. This AI-enabled automation delivers greater insights and proactive management, making systems smarter, more reliable, and more efficient.

HPE InfoSight spans the entire portfolio of HPE solutions–from storage to servers as well as up the stack for virtualized workload environments.

Software to fuel data-driven transformation 

HPE software solutions are being highlighted at HPE Discover 2020 starting on July 29! I’ve included below some must-see HPE InfoSight sessions that are available now on demand or will soon be available.

Business Talks (15 mins)

  • B355: How Intelligence Changes Everything with HPE InfoSight. Speaker: Rochna Dhand. Available now On-Demand 
  • B349: Journey to a self-managing data center with HPE InfoSight for Servers. Speaker: Shruthi Prakashan.
  • Available now On-Demand
  • B353: Optimize workloads with full-stack analytics for AIOps with HPE InfoSight. Speaker: Rochna Dhand.
  • Available now On-Demand
  • T351: Build an AI-enabled IT Ops experience with HPE Pointnext and HPE InfoSight. Speaker: Ronaldo Pinto.
  • Available now On-Demand
  • B347: Transform IT Operations with Automation and Improve Service Delivery. Speakers: Bob Laliberte, Mike Leone.
  • Available now On-Demand

On-demand demos (5-7 mins)

  • D134: Transform Operations with AI-Driven HPE InfoSight. Available now On-Demand
  • D239: Start the journey to an AIOps driven data center with HPE InfoSight. Available now On-Demand
  • D242: Keep your virtualized workloads running smoothly with HPE InfoSight. Available now On-Demand

Can’t wait to learn more? Test drive HPE InfoSight TODAY!

AI-enabled automation in HPE InfoSight delivers greater insights and proactive management, making your systems smarter and more efficient–all of which saves you time. See how you can get your nights and weekends back. Access the free HPE InfoSight demo portal to learn how you can solve your most challenging IT problems! A cloud-based, predictive analytics solution for your IT operations, can self-manage, self-heal, and self-optimize your environment.

Visit the HPE InfoSight website for more information.

As a reminder, registration for HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 is FREE – and with your registration, HPE will donate $10 to your choice of one of 10 featured causes. So, join us and give back to organizations helping people, businesses, and communities around the world recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about these organizations and the great work they are doing to support COVID-19 recovery around the world. (Terms and conditions apply.)


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